Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturn Ascends Session 1: Laying the Foundation

Players: Calum, David, Litvyak.

I met with my new gaming group, Tuesday. We chatted a little via Google Hangouts and ran over some player preferences regarding play style, house rules, character generation, and plot hooks. We settled on running standard, unmodified Dungeon Fantasy in a megadungeon that isn't in a cold/arctic environment. Rules-wise, we aren't running house rules until such a time as we see where we need them, so that simplifies things a great deal.

For the party composition, I set a couple requirements to facilitate play:
  • Everyone already knows each other prior to the game's beginning
  • Everyone already works together prior to the game's beginning
  • Everyone is already in town together prior to the game's beginning

This way we don't have to spend session time getting everybody together. The players were understanding with this and quickly sorting out rolls. David wanted to play a wizard, Litvyak wanted to play a thief, and Calum wanted to play a tank. Unfortunately, that left the critical role of Party Healer vacant, so after a little brainstorming, the suggestion surfaced to let everyone add a 50-point lens to their templates, effectively multiclassing. This sparked some more thought, with Litvyak quickly gravitating to Thief/Cleric of a Messenger God. David is pondering adding something less squishy to his wizard, and Calum might go straight 300 points of barbarian badass.

Lastly, I presented half a dozen plot hooks or so to the group for consideration. Since I haven't mapped out the megadungeon yet, I wanted them to choose their first adventure beforehand so I could map what was needed instead of trying to draw up a couple dozen rooms for each hook. They chose the Giant's Castle perched atop the mountain ridge.

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