Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saturn Ascends Session 3: The Castle Assault Part 2

Gilren – High Elf Wizard Knight (300 points)
Kist – Human Mystic Archer Assassin (300 points)
Nibaw Velor – Human Knight (300 points)
Wossnam – Human Barbarian (300 points)
Zubira Mgadwar – Human Messenger Cleric Thief (300 points)

The party began in the southeast tower where they descended the spiral staircase to find four naukara gossiping. Kist began by peppering them with bolts, and the others followed up with attacks of their own. It didn’t take long for the naukara to fall. A quick looting of the room found a large cache of items*, some of which they used to create a hidden passage through the curtain wall. They then proceeded to stuff the a nook in the passage with all the corpses and loot they'd found thus far.

With an escape route secured and loot secreted away, they headed north along the inside of the curtain wall until they reached the gatehouse. Kist heard some voices inside, so they quietly slipped through the tower door and removed two sentries. That's when Gilran stumbled and made noise…

Heavy footfalls from above brought one naukara down the spiral staircase to his doom at the hands of Wossnam, but the now-berserk barbarian wasn't too stealthy about murdering the warrior in the face. Kist stayed behind to clean up two other sentries he spotted through arrow slits in the other gatehouse tower. Footfalls above gave notice that there was quite the fight ahead – possibly even with giants!

* Note: This cache was basically a way to bump their "starting gear" without everyone saying, "Oh, I forgot I had all of this stuff!" My reasoning was that the players began with an extra 50 CP, but their characters were geared to 250-pt characters, which was throwing encounters off a little bit. That, and it was just more fun this way.

Body Count: 9 naukaras.

Last Week: The Castle Assault Part 1.

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