Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saturn Ascends Session 4: The Castle Assault Part 3


  • Gilren – High Elf Wizard Knight (300 points)
  • Kist – Human Mystic Archer Assassin (300 points)
  • Nibaw Velor – Human Knight (300 points)
  • Zubira Mgadwar – Human Messenger Cleric Thief (300 points)


  • Wossnam – Human Barbarian (300 points)

After hearing the noise upstairs, the party ascended the spiral staircase cautiously. Kist scouted ahead and quickly spotted a mess of naukaras and a giant, light-blue giant, called a kalivisala, headed their way. While the others tried to sort out their tactics, Wossnam went berserk and charged the giant, knocking him back. Gilran cheered.

Nibaw was the next to join the fray with a missed charge. Gilran fired up his flame jet, but missed the same naukara that dodged Nibaw…he must have some ninja in him! Pretty quickly, the fight turned into a mess as Kist tried to join the fray but almost got ambushed by three naukara sneaking down the stairs behind him. He heard them and laid out two, but the third closed to gap and was about to go for a grapple when Kist slit his throat.

Meanwhile, Wossnam landed a massive blow on the giant's head that knocked him on his butt, and Nibaw began slamming like mad. Pretty soon, everyone was dead except two unlucky naukaras. The party took an hour and a half to extract from them the layout of the castle, how many people lived there (about 95 total), and what traps the castle has. Satisfied by their answers, the party tied them up and hung them out the outward-facing window of the keep. This was at Zubira's request, since she wasn't comfortable with killing prisoners.

Then it was north up the wallwalk to the northeastern tower. It didn't take long to clear that floor of the four naukara inside, though one scored a critical success against Wossnam that left him a few hit points down. The noise of that battle attracted a pair of naukara from the floor below, who walked into some arrows, a shield, and a giant club. Woops!

According to their information, the party just has two more guards on the perimeter before the grounds are clear and the keep itself can be stormed. They're almost inside!

* Wossnam's player got tied up at work and couldn't make the session.

Body Count: 14 naukaras; 1 kalivisala.
Last Week: The Castle Assault Part 2.

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