Sunday, December 20, 2015

Saturn Ascends Session 5: The Castle Assault Part 4


  • Arastos – Gnomish Artificer Cleric (300 points)
  • Gilren – High Elf Wizard Knight (300 points)
  • Kist – Human Mystic Archer Assassin (300 points)
  • Nibaw Velor – Human Knight (300 points)


  • Wossnam – Human Barbarian (300 points)*
  • Zubira Mgadwar – Human Messenger Cleric Thief (300 points)

The session began with the PCs finding a captive gnome on the floor below them. This turned out to be Arastos; who would have guessed? After a short introduction, Gilran used his intuition to correctly guess which of the remaining three peripheral towers held the last two wall guards. The party followed the wall walk around to them, and Kist quickly wasted 'em with his crossbows. That left the outer walls and towers clear of threats, so the party turned their attention to the keep.

Gilran began by casting Wizard Eye and seeing if it would fly. Once dice roll later, he found that there was some resistance to the eye's movement, but he was strong enough to force his way through it. A thorough scouting revealed most of the castle was asleep. Most. There were at least three rooms that housed tigers. Perfectly awake and alert tigers.

After a moment of panic, the party decided they would climb to the top of the castle and work their way down, clearing it floor by floor.

First, Arastos used a gizmo to produce a bunch of rope that could support Wossnam and gave one end to Kist, who used Ascending Shot with his crossbow to scale the tower Spiderman-style. Upon reaching the top, he found the corpse of the naukara Nibaw killed when they first went over the curtain wall. Beknownsted to him thanks to Gilran's wizard eye, was a naukara lookout and a massive bell. Kist Batmanned his way through the window and removed the Naukara.

With their entry point safe, the party climbed up the rope and began clearing the other corner towers. At the first, Nibaw knocked on the door, but before his plan could reach fruition, Kist kicked the door open and started shooting its naukara inhabitants. A brief fight later, the party headed to the northwest tower to kill some naukara in their sleep. This tower also housed a spiral staircase downward.

The party descended only one floor and began to clear room southward. They had Arastos check doors for traps while Kist listened for sounds. Room by room, they murderhobod sleeping giants as quietly as they could until they reached one door that held a magic trap. Gilran cracked his knuckles and cast Dispel Magic, and the trap was no more. Through that door was a sitting room with another door through which sounds of revelry issued. Arastos decided to trap the door with a bottle of alchemist's fire, and the party continued murdering their way southward and then eastward until they reached a door that led to the same room as the trapped door behind them.

Kist tried to listen carefully, but something making large cat sounds on the other side smelled him and started pawing at the door. The conversation and revelry stopped and there was a scramble to feet. Arastos ran to the trapped door, while Gilran hung back with Wossnam in case they didn't need a berserk barbarian. Nibaw and Kist opened the door with the tiger while Arastos knocked on the other one and waited…

An unfortunate naukara opened the trapped door and quickly went up in flames while Nibaw charged the tiger, slamming it. Inside the room were two giants, one with a definitely magical estoc and shield. The other was a hulking brute of a giant and wielded an equally giant gada. They called for Wossnam who came running eager to tee off on more heads. Meanwhile, Gilran fired up his flame jet and headed toward battle.

Kist started making eye shots on the magically-equipped giant while he layed down some binding on the other giant and the tiger with Binding Shot. And the tiger tried to get back up. But then the giant giant connected with a swing aimed at Nibaw. It knocked him down to the point where he was reeling from his injury, so he retreated while Arastos cast Minor Healing on him. Kist kept shooting the magically armed giant in the eyes until it was down for good, and Wossnam started in on the huge giant. Eventually, all that was left was the tiger, who kept going after Kist.

Then things got ugly. Six quarrels, an akahest globe, and a spot-on flame jet later, the tiger was no more. It's probably for the best. At least as a deceased tiger, it didn't feel the pain that was laid upon it by the party any more. Of course, this was an all out battle, and a noisy one. Did they wake the castle? Is the secret of their entrance still a secret? Can they continue murderhoboing their way through the castle? Find out next time! Same bat time! Same bat blog!

* Wossnam's player got tied up at work and couldn't make this session, so I NPCed him and let the party suggest what he did.

Body Count: 8 kalivisalas; 11 naukaras; 1 ex-tiger.
Last Week: The Castle Assault Part 5.

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