Tuesday, March 1, 2016

State of the Blog

Today is my birthday, and looking back over the last year, I recognize that while some aspects of my life have greatly improved - moving, getting accepted into a good university, and beginning work on my second degree - some areas have suffered, namely, this blog and writing in general. Part of that is due to the narrowness of the blog's focus; I just don't have the time I use to dedicate to worldbuilding or running games. In fact, Saturn Rising is no more. And while I continue to write for SJGames whenever I can, I am largely in the process of clearing my plate, so I can sort out just what I do have time for and focus accordingly.

So to keep the blog alive, I am expanding the scope to include pretty much anything I happen to be thinking about or working on. I will also begin restricting GURPS-related posts to Thursdays until I have a backlog (if that happens). Thus, I will be joining the GURPSday crowd as many weeks as possible.

So what sort of things can you expect to find here from now on?

  • Random GURPS content
  • Designer's Notes on my published material
  • Game or session reports
  • Various design project journals, such as the AIAA's Rocket Design Project
  • Random thoughts and ideas
  • Maps
  • World Building
  • Campaign Building
  • Conlangs
  • Anything else creative that springs to mind
I'm hoping with that list, I can hit the weekly output I really wanted to reach. Only time will tell, and honestly, if this falters, it is probably because I have other responsibilities in terms of classes, organizational commitments, and hopefully internships/jobs.

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