Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Semester in Review

Well, I took my last final last Wednesday and got my final grades yesterday, so I thought I'd reflect a bit on how the semester went. Mind you, this was my first time back in school in eleven years, so I was a touch unsure of how well I'd do, but as my two our of two A's testify, I apparently have gotten back into the academic life just fine. Among other activities, I joined the Fencing Knights and have resumed fencing again and not only joined the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at UCF, but have also gotten a position as their staff writer and participated in the Rocket Design Project. While I was busy, I still had a fair amount of free time, so I think I probably could have done more while maintaining my grades. One thing I think was a bit odd to me was sitting in classes with people only one year older than my calculator. Trying to relate to some of them was definitely difficult, but I also found that a lot of the engineering students I met were much more focused on their ultimate goals and tended to be a little more mature. That is probably stereotyping, but it was reassuring that I could still relate to someone. Still, it was somewhat odd and surreal at times. All in all, I think I can probably do more, and I plan on attempting just that! I'm trying to get a Projects Officer position in the AIAA so I can exercise my managerial skills in coordinating the eight different projects we run throughout the year. In addition, this summer I will be participating in the Rocket Design Project again as well as the Hovercraft Design Project and continuing foil fencing while trying to branch out into epee with the Fencing Knights. Naturally, I don't plan on letting these extracurriculars lower my GPA as I continue forward academically with Calculus II and Physics I this summer. If all goes as planned, my resume will continue to grow, and I'll finally start my engineering classes this fall. And none of this mentions the articles I have submitted to Steven for Pyramid Magazine. Let's see how long I can keep juggling this schedule. With a little luck, all of this work will land me a good internship and ultimately a job!

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