Thursday, July 28, 2016

Orders from on High

Welp. The guys we are launching our rockets with are a touch nervous about a bunch of college students bringing rockets sporting G-motors to national forest for launch, and asked us to reduce our target apogee to 1,250 feet. Not much we can do about that except comply. Now it gets interesting!

After a short redesign, our fins have grown, and we have decided to attach 37.6 grams of weight to our motor mount. Yes. The motor mount. Down by the bottom of the rocket. This is to offset the insane stability resulting from having 14-inch-long, 5-inch-high fins cartoonishly jutting out of our rocket. And this was necessary after already moving our fins forward a quarter inch.

I can't say I'm displeased with this, since it does let us use even more ridiculously large fins, but their size makes me a little nervous. If they experience too much drag, the potential exists for the fins to rip the body apart. We plan on mitigating this partially with a 5-inch fin tab bonded to the motor mount, plus another 4 inches of root cord bonded to the rocket tube. We also will create a fillet between the fins and the body tube to help stabilize the fins and distribute any forces originating from them. I just hope no serious vibrations set in. The rocket should look amazing, but if it doesn't fly safely, it will be for nothing.

The next update should include pictures of our construction progress.

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