Friday, June 20, 2014

Starfall: On the Edge of Oblivion

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Hundreds of years ago, the world was normal.  Kingdoms fought, droughts desiccated the western plains, Winter killed, politicians stole, prostitutes fucked, – and things were normal.  Then the stars fell.

The kingdoms of what was then the Great Southern Sea were the first to witness the bright green streaks screaming overhead in such a furious fusillade that roosters crowed thinking the dawn had come, and men, women, and children dressed to perform their morning chores.  But upon leaving their houses, they saw the light was not of this world.  The skyfire stretched from horizon to horizon, reaching ever northward.  Across the land, similar stories passed from father to son for generations, even in the far north near the Eternal Ice.  Where the stars eventually fell, no one is certain, but the ramifications were dire.

Since the starfall, corruption has crept south from beyond the Eternal Ice.  Beckoned by dark sorcerers whispering blasphemies to the stars, demons come in the night to bless their servants with preternatural power and blight the land.  They drive hordes of tainted beasts and corrupt men down from the Glacier into the northlands to raid, rape, and pillage.  They drive women to profane acts that can only begin to explain the horrors known as beastmen.  They destroy all that is natural, bringing chaos to the world around.

Indeed, the world itself seems infected.  The ocean and seas have swallowed all of the great port cities.  Rivers overflow their banks every spring, washing away the great waypoints and capitals of the world.  Torrential rains and horrific tempests savage the coasts every summer and autumn, while great blizzards bury the north in mounds of snow every winter.  The summers grow hotter and longer, while the winters cooler and shorter.  Marshes and lake lands stretch where tundra once ruled.

Now the world teeters on the brink of oblivion.  The shattered remnants of civilizations cling to existence by whatever means necessary.  Towns are beset by unfathomable monsters.  The trackless wilderness has reclaimed all but the most stalwart communities.  The heroes of old are all dead.  Men fight only to survive; while, Nature fights the demonic plague that afflicts the very soul of the world. This is the world of Starfall.

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