Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rocket Design Competition: Completion

The ACME Rocket flew beautifully, the parachute deployed perfectly, and then the wind carried it into the nearby forest (in the background above) never to be seen again. On the up side, a reporter from the local newspaper got the above picture of the rocket on liftoff! On the downside, we did not recover our rocket.

Because we did not recover the rocket, we don't know what altitude it reached and were pretty much immediately disqualified from winning. But we didn't come in last, either! This was largely due to our ability to meet deadlines and not have our find torn of by drag forces.

Looking Forward

I am not certain I will have sufficient time to participate in the Rocket Design Competition this semester, but I will be busy helping the leads prepare for it. Because of that newspaper reporter, a local business owner doubled the project's yearly budget. They are now building a test rig for oen of the wind tunnels on campus for proper ground testing, seeking industry professionals to talk to the teams and hopefully critique designs, expanding the competition to include a fragile payload, and building homemade parachute deployment delays. The other leads have pretty standard projects that don't seem to require much help from me, so at least I can help Rockets behind the scenes.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Perk: Library Card

Library Card

1 point
Whether by virtue of reputation, actual license, or simply a plot device, you can waltz into any institution that houses knowledge and access any document or artifact housed therein - provided it isn't classified! No one will think twice about it or delay you, assuming the materials are available readily accessible, and if any time must be taken to retrieve them, you will gain access in the minimum possible time. This perk does not grant access to materials that are classified or those that are not on site, checked out, or otherwise not available. The GM should still feel free to deny the character access to information when circumstances would demand it - e.g., if the character just trashed the library's public collection and then asks to visit more delicate archives, or if the clerk knows the PC is wanted by the police.

A prime example of a character with this perk is Professor Robert Langdon from Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. He walks into museum after museum asking to see priceless and delicate artifacts and documents without any issues - excepting, of course, the police chasing after him.