Sunday, November 8, 2015

More Power-Ups for Barbarians!

As my current game progresses, I find myself making some power-ups for various characters. In particular, the barbarian has asked for some interesting things. Here are two power-ups I am offering him:

Fast Ready

5 points
Regardless of your strength, you never need to take a Ready maneuver to re-ready a weapon you just attacked with. This lets you attack every turn with weapons that have a double dagger (‡) after their ST statistic, regardless of your strength.

Advantages: Extra Attack* 1 (One Weapon Skill Only, -40%; Only to Re-Ready a Weapon, -40%; Ready Maneuver, +0%) [5/skill]. * Provides an extra Ready maneuver instead of an extra Attack maneuver.

Barbaric Weapons

The following narrower specializations of Barbaric Weapons are also available.

Weapon Master (Barbaric Chopping Weapons)

35 points
This includes all barbaric cutting hand weapons (axes, polearms, spears, and swords) and barbaric ranged weapons (bows, harpoons, spears, and thrown versions of the melee weapons listed above).

Weapon Master (Barbaric Smashing Weapons)

30 points
This includes all barbaric crushing hand weapons (flails, maces, mauls, and shields) and barbaric ranged weapons (bolas, throwing sticks, and thrown versions of the melee weapons listed above).

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