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A gust of wind caught the stranger's hood in its grasp and threw it back.  The townsfolk shrank in horror at the bone-white hide, black, abyssal eyes, and grotesquely extended beak-like face of the creature before them.  It opened its hideous maw to reveal rows of rat-like teeth, hissed, and vanished into a cloud of mist.

The plaguebearer is a horrific creature that subsists on the blood of others.  It tears at its victim's neck, wrist, inner thigh – anywhere a major artery or vein is accessible – and guzzles the blood down amidst its prey's screams of agony.  Despite their similarities with vampires, plaguebearers are not related to them; they are embodiments of disease and physical corruption.  They are a walking pestilence that sap the strength and life of their victims until their consumption is complete and they transform into plaguebearers themselves.

ST:16HP: 20Speed: 6.00
DX: 12Will: 10Ground Speed: 6
IQ: 10Per: 13Air Speed: 6
HT: 12FP: 12SM 0
Dodge 9Parry 11 (Unarmed)DR 0

Fangs (16):  1d+2 impaling + Blood Drain (see below).  Reach C.

Talons (16):  1d+2 cutting or impaling.  Reach C.

Power Grappling (20):  Plaguebearers are immensely strong and know how to use that to their advantage.  Except when rolling to hit or for an active defense, they can use an ST-based Wrestling roll (skill 20).  Additionally, whenever you would make a ST roll that usually enjoys a ST bonus from Wrestling, you may waive that bonus and attempt a ST-based Wrestling roll instead.

Blood Drain:  A plaguebearer must successfully grapple or pin a foe and deliver a bite that penetrates DR to inflict injury.  So long as this initial attack succeeds in injuring its prey and the plaguebearer maintains the grapple or pin on success, it drains 1 HP per second and heals 1 HP per full 3 HP drained.  The drain ends instantly if it releases its prey.  Blood Drain can only affect living subjects that have blood to drink.

Friendly Face:  A plaguebearer's true form is truly monstrous, but they still manage to infiltrate populations regularly.  They do this with a glamour that makes them appear like any other human.  Whenever someone observes a plaguebearer, the GM secretly makes a Will-5 roll.  On a success, the person sees the plaguebearer for what it is, but on any failure, it appears as an ordinary, nondescript person.

Infectious Touch (Resisted at HT-3):  A plaguebearer's touch spreads disease.  Anyone who comes in direct contact with a plaguebearer must immediately roll against HT-3 or contract a highly contagious wasting disease that inflicts 1d-1 fatigue damage every hour, with 1d-1 toxic damage on any resistance roll failed by 5 or more. Once the victim incurs 1/3 HP in injury, he suffers -2 ST, Moderate Pain, and gains Absent-Minded and Confused. At 1/2 HP, the pain becomes Severe and the victim gains Unfit. At 2/3 HP of injury, the pain increases to Terrible, and the victim replaces Unfit with Very Unfit.

Pestilent:  Plaguebearers are corporeal embodiments of disease.  Should they injure a living person through an unarmed attack, he must check for infection at -3, just as if he had been wounded in a locale with a special infection.

Summon Rat Swarm (12):  Roll 3d.  On a roll of 12 or less, the plaguebearer successfully summons a Rat Swarm.

Traits:  Appearance (Monstrous); Bad Smell; Disturbing Voice; Divine Curse (Cannot enter a dwelling for the first time unless invited); Doesn't Breathe; Dominance; Draining (Human Blood; Illegal); Dread (Salt); Frightens Animals; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Infectious Attack; Injury Tolerance (Unliving); Insubstantiality (Costs 2 FP/Minute); Lifebane; Night Vision 5; Regeneration (AP; HT/Second); Speak with Animals (Specialized, Rats); Supernatural Features (No Body Heat, No Reflection, Pallor); Unaging; Uncontrollable Appetite (12) (Human Blood); Unhealing (Partial, Healed by Leech and Necromancy); Unkillable 2 (Achilles Heal: Fire); Vulnerability (Fire x2).
Features:  Affected by Spirit Empathy (rather than Empathy).  Born Biter 2.  Sterile.

Skills:  Brawling-16; Disguise-14; Shadowing-14; Stealth-16; Wrestling-16.

Class:  Spirit.

Notes:  Plaguebearers are intelligent and may be willing to negotiate.

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