Saturday, December 12, 2015

Power: Paper Manipulation

I am currently making a PC for a supers game, and he is, basically, the ultimate librarian. In fact, he is called The Librarian. His super power is the ability to manipulate paper products, be them books, litter, reports, file folders, etc. So here is a writeup of his power:

Paper Manipulation

Source: Magical (-10%) or Super (-10%).
Focus: Paper.
You possess the ability to control, manipulate, and read paper in all of its forms, including books, cardboard, card stock, file folders, etc. – anything made from wood pulp. This is usually a magical or super power.


5 points


Abilities that require existing paper has Accessibility, Requires Paper (-40%) and those that shape existing paper have Environmental, Paper (-60%).

Allies (Origami, paper cutouts, etc.), with Minion and either Summonable or Conjurable; Binding, but not with Unbreakable; Blessed, with Accessibility, Only Written Information (-40%); Control (Paper); Create (Paper); Detect, for Books, Paper, Paper Products, etc.; Flight; Gizmo, with Limited, Books Only (-40%); Healing, with Accessibility, Paper Only (-80%); Intuition, with Limited, Only written answers (-40%); Modular Ability, with Physical; Obscure (Hearing or Vision); Oracle (Written); Penetrating Vision, with Specific, Paper (-80%); Protected Power; Pyschometry, with Accessibility, Only Written Information (-40%); Super Memorization, with Limited, Mental Skills Only (-20%); Telekinesis, with Environmental (-60%); Walk on Air, with Environmental (-60%); Walk on Liquid, with Environmental (-60%); Wild Talent, with Accessibility, Only IQ-Based Skills (-20%).

Cutting or Impaling Attacks and Affliction with Armor Divisor and one of Agony or any painful Irritating Condition that represent blades are possible. Add Environmental, Paper (-60%) for attacks that manipulate existing paper.

Modifiers: Paper Manipulation. Paper Manipulation is usually either Magical (-10%) or Super (-10%).


  1. Oh, man. You've never seen Read or Die, have you? If you don't hate anime, get hold of the three-episode OVA.

    I think the allies would be Summonable as well as Minion: you can have innocent things like books with you, then convert them into allies. Might be an Ally Group too.

    1. No I haven't seen Read or Die, but it's on my radar now! I could certainly see Summonable for allies you summon from the pages of books or Conjured for origami or pinatas brought to life (I can't get the parade from Paprika out of my head, for some reason).