Saturday, December 12, 2015

Let Me Get Back to You on That!

While making a supers character that is basically the ultimate librarian, I stumbled on an idea I didn't have points to include, but I'm going to share it here. And hopefully, I will be able to buy it relatively soon. Thinking about this, it could be rather fitting even as a power-up for a Action! character.

Let Me Get Back to You on That

25 points for level 1 + 2 points/additional level

You can spend an hour reading up on a subject, and ask the GM one question the answer to which could feasibly be contained in writing somewhere. He then secretly rolls against your IQ, plus any power talent level. On a success, he answers your question honestly. On any failure, the research turns up nothing, and on a critical failure, the GM lies! Each additional level beyond the first reduces the required research time by half.

Statistics: Blessed (Accessibility, Written Information, -40%; PM, -10%; Reduced Fatigue Cost 10, +200%) [25]. Additional levels add levels of Reduced Time for [2/level].

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