Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flame of the Heart’s Desire

You’re sure to love today’s offering, which provides both Ritual Path Magic and Sorcery statistics!

Flame of the Heart’s Desire (Ritual Path Magic)

Spell Effects: Lesser Destroy Body.
Inherent Modifiers: Damage.
Greater Effects: 0 (x1).

You cause a single living target within range to erupt from within with burning desire that inflicts 3d injury. Dressing, moving, gesturing, or posing provocatively in a way that is observed by your target should give a traditional trappings discount.

Typical Casting: Lesser Destroy Body (5) + Damage (8) + Range, 10 yards, (4) + Weight, 300 lbs. (3). 20 energy (20x1).

Flame of the Heart’s Desire (Sorcery)

Keywords: Resisted (Will).
Full Cost: 6 points/level.
Casting Roll: Will.
Range: Unlimited.
Duration: Instant.

You can engender such a burning lust within the hearts of others that it literally consumes them from the inside out.  Take a Concentrate maneuver while engaging in some sort of provocative act directed at your intended target, who must be able to see you. Your target resists with Will normally if attracted to your gender, or at +4 if not. Failure results in the target taking 1d burning per spell level that ignores all DR as his lust wells up and consumes him from within.

Statistics: Burning Attack 1d (Accessibility, Only on Living Feeling Beings, -20%; Malediction 1, +100%; Requires Concentrate Maneuver, -15%; Requires Gestures, -10%; Sorcery, -15%; Vision-Based, -20%) [6/level]. Additional levels add further dice of burning damage.

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