Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gnoll Brute

Elric clenched his teeth and charged the beefy, grayish-green beast with his spear. The gnoll grinned, brandished his savage axe, and reciprocated. Lurking in the trees, at least another dozen of his brethren watched on in silence. The trap was baited, and the ambush would shortly be sprung on the unwary knight.
These aggressive and warlike fae are the spawn of trolls and gnomes. The result is a strong, tough, inherently magical monster fond of sadistic tricks and cunning tactics. They are the least fond of hiding of all fae, and often gather in massive underground hives from which they raid the surrounding inhabitants – even other fae.
ST: 15                                                     HP: 11                                                    Speed: 6.00
DX: 14                                                    Will: 10                                                  Ground Move: 6
IQ: 9                                                       Per: 10
HT: 13                                                    FP: 12                                                     SM: +0

Dodge: 10                                             Parry: See Below.                                DR: 0

Weapon (16): Roll 1d to determine the weapon:
1 – Axe: 2d+3 cutting. Reach 1. Parry 12U.
2 – Mace: 2d+4 crushing. Reach 1. Parry 12U.
3 – Morningstar: 2d+4 crushing. Reach 1. Parry 11U. Parried at -4 or Blocked at -2; fencing weapons cannot parry.
4 - Great Axe: 2d+5 cutting. Reach 1, 2*. Parry 12U.
5 – Flail: 2d+5 crushing. Reach 1, 2*. Parry 11U. Parried at -4 or Blocked at -2; fencing weapons cannot parry.
6 – Maul: 2d+6 crushing. Reach 1, 2*. Parry 12U.

Fade and Remain (Resisted with Will+2): Whenever anyone makes a Perception roll to notice or spot a gnoll that is actively trying to hide, he must first roll against Will+2. On a failure, he suffers a penalty to all such rolls to spot the gnoll – including Quick Contests – equal to his margin of failure.

Traits: Acute Taste and Smell 3; Appearance (Ugly); Bloodlust (9); Combat Reflexes; Curious (12); Gluttony (12); High Pain Threshold; Long Arms (+1 SM); Magery 0; Night Vision 5; Overconfidence (9); Recovery; Regeneration (Regular, 1 HP/12 hours; Not vs. burning or corrosion); Resistant to Sickness (+3); Sadism (15); Unfazeable; Universal Digestion; Very Fit.
Skills: Brawling-15; Fast-Draw-15; Hiking-13; Intimidation-11; Melee Weapon Skill-16 (Flail or Two-Handed Flail at 15); Observation-11; Wrestling-15.
Class: Mundane.
Notes: May negotiate if offered something of value, often double crosses. Usually wears a cheap light plate breastplate (DR 2 protects the chest) worth $200 and a cheap light plate pot helm with padding (DR 3 protects the skull) worth $84; gnollish brutes using one-handed weapons prefer a heavy medium shield (DB 2) worth $60.

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