Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Regional Map of....I'm not sure...

This map was created using GIMP and Wilbur by following Arsheesh's most excellent Eriond Tutorial. In total, this has consumed five hours of my life that I feel are well spent. The next step will be coming up with some fun background stuff and placing cities, fortifications, roads, boarders, labels, etc. That will likely take a while just because I need to come up with all of that, still. Lastly, I'll need to drop a compass rose in there somewhere and give this thing a border - likely using another of Arsheesh's turtorials.

Looking at this again, I don't like how flat the water looks. I'll have to add some texture to that, as well. Maybe a parchmenty thing. I'll toy with it some and see what looks good.

What does this map remind you of? What sort of people do you think live here?

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