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Nymphs Part 1: Cave Nymph

The crystal clear water of the icy pool shimmered and rippled in the still air of the morning. Gradually, the ripples grew in an upward undulation that formed shapely calves, then thighs, and eventually a fully formed woman of surpassing beauty.
Nymphs are loci geniuses that inhabit various natural places. While similar to what are sometimes called “fae”, they more closely resemble elementals of a specific locale. They are inherently tied to the location they inhabit; indeed, their very existence depends on the wellbeing of the environment. And they defend it vehemently.

All nymphs exercise a measure of control over their homes and use this, in combination with their preternatural beauty to ward off attacks. Their beauty is terrible and captivating, and they use this mercilessly to their advantage.

As dangerous as nymphs can be, they are excellent sources of information on the area in which they dwell, and if befriended, they make powerful allies. However, their legendary shyness makes this difficult, and their sadistic impulses make it doubly dangerous!

Cave Nymph

CER 68 (OR 26 and PR 42)
Cave nymphs are spirits of place who watch over caves, mines, and other subterranean areas.  They are closely attached to caverns, cave systems, grottos, and mines, and may not stray very far from their home domain without becoming seriously ill.  They defend their homes fiercely, employing magic to animate the stalagmites, stalactites, and loose rocks, often while hiding within rocks themselves.  All cave nymphs have great knowledge of their home caves and cannot get lost in any labyrinthine environment.
ST: 8                                                       HP: 8                                                      Speed: 6.00
DX: 12                                                    Will: 10                                                  Ground Move: 6
IQ: 10                                                     Per: 11
HT: 12                                                    FP: 12                                                     SM: 0

Dodge: 9                                                Parry: 10 (Unarmed)                           DR: 3

Club (14): 1d-1 crushing. Reach 1.
Punch (14): 1d-2 crushing. Reach C.
Animated Environment: Cave nymphs can animate the environment around them to grapple (Binding or Telekinesis) intruders with ST 10 or strike at them (1d crushing or impaling) with falling rocks or stalactites.
Gloom: Cave nymphs can exude a thick darkness through which they can see perfectly – just like any other darkness.  It is thickest up to one yard from the nymph, imposing a -10 penalty to Vision, and decreases by 1 every additional yard from the nymph.
Illumination: Cave nymphs can glow with a gentle luminescence that sheds light as a torch.  This makes the nymph stand out in the darkness and can be turned on or off as a free action.
Stonewalk: A cave nymph can see and move through stone unhindered.
Stunning Beauty: By striking even the slightest pose, anyone who sees her must make a Fright Check at -5 and roll on the Awe table.
Threshold Entity: This being doesn’t breathe, drink, eat, or sleep, is immune to metabolic hazards, and is either insubstantial and invisible or substantial and visible.

Traits: Absolute Direction; Acute Hearing 1; Appearance (Very Beautiful; Universal); Berserk (9) (Special Trigger, harming the wilderness); Callous; Can Be Turned by True Faith; Curious (15); Darkvision; Dependency (Home Cave; Daily); Dislikes Loud Noises; Divine Curse (Keep to the letter of any promise); Fearlessness 2; Higher Purpose (Protect Home Cave); Impulsive (12); Odious Personal Habit -1 (Capricious); Sadism (15); Sense of Duty (Home Cave); Shyness (Mild); Terrain Adaptation (Uneven); Unaging; Vulnerability (Iron x2).
Features: Affected as Spirit.
Skills: Area Knowledge (Local)-12; Axe/Mace-14; Brawling-14; Intimidation-17; Naturalist-12; Sex Appeal-12; Stealth-16; Wrestling-14.
Notes: Most nymphs won't negotiate because they are too shy.  Those who do are amiable enough, but dealing with such an astounding beauty is often disconcerting – especially while under the effect of her intoxicating beauty (see above).  Always scars from wounds inflicted by iron.

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