Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cow-Folk Abilities

I was asked on Discord tonight about possible abilities for a cow-person PC. I had two suggestions that I came up with on the fly. Both were largely taken from experience? - no, nightmares - grinding endless Cow Levels on Diablo II. Here they are for your enjoyment and your players' horror:

Summon Herd

30 points
You moo noisily for 10 seconds and roll 3d against 12. On a success, 10 friendly cow-folk armed to the teeth with massive spears and pole arms shamble into the fray and begin murdering your foes.

Statistics*: Ally Group (1- Cow-Folk; 100% character points; 12 or less; Limited Use, 1/day, -40%; Nuisance Effect, Noisy, -5%; Summonable, 100%; TAkes Extra Time, x10, -30%) [30].

Calf-alier of the Cow King

You can call on the blessings of the Cow King, a benevolent (to you) bovine Bodhisattva who bestoes the bounties of sustenance (milk & cheese), protection (fortitude of the bull), and assistance (scores of angry cow-folk). Other miracles may be available, but check with the GM.

Statistics*: Divine Favor (Cow King) [Varies].

* Note that while statistics are provided, these are not intended for NPC or monster cow-folk. Instead, they are provided as explanation of how the ability should function and in case a PC somehow acquires it.

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