Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Free Time at Last!

I really abhor writing these fluff posts, but I want to at least make my current once-a-week posting schedule. My schedule is lightening after one hellacious semester, and I think I can work back up to an every-other-day posting schedule in a little time. I won't try to do it right away, because I need to maintain a buffer of at least a couple of weeks. So for now, I'll keep posting weekly while I build up a backlog of posts.

To those of you have stuck with me through this drought, I thank you. You're interest and support is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I can pull back those who left and even grow this blog a bit. So if you know anyone who stopped coming around because of lack of activity, let them know I'm back and will be posting content again regularly. Cuz I'm back!

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