Saturday, April 20, 2019


I am taking note of some general trends today. It has been about a year since I started making a solid effort to post regularly on this blog, and since then, my viewership has gone up significantly. Similarly, since life has torn my attention away from the blog this past month or so, readers have also left my blog. I am left to believe that my posting is then, positively correlated with people reading this blog. No real surprise there. Who reads that which they've already read anyway?

So where does that leave the blog? Well, I am still struggling to get free time to really post here. With my degree wrapping up, that time should start flowing in about two weeks, but as in the past, I will need to built up a backlog of posts to provide a cushion for life-hiccups. That might result in a few missed posts until I get that buffer. Also, life will be rearing its head again at some point in the coming months while I move. I don't know when that will be, and hopefully I'll already have my cushion written by then.

As for blog direction, I plan on splitting it fairly evenly between a science fiction project (a genre GURPS truly excels at while that other systems just fall on their faces) and fantasy (not straight DF, because while I love me some Diablo, if I want to play that, I'll play it on my computer - not at my table).

So expect more posts on worked examples of adapting GURPS to a science fiction setting - specifically one with space opera overtones and hard scifi sensibilities - and GURPS fantasy that will involve dungeons and hex crawling and such. I hope this is of interest to people.

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