Thursday, November 13, 2014

No Quarter Session 1 - Roberston

First off, allow me to apologize for not keeping up with this blog. I was gearing up for a game I'm running with a friend. It is a fantasy game using GURPS 4th Edition, and Sir Durhum Lentilles is the lone PC. We had our first session this past Sunday, and so far, it is a blast.

No Quarter - Session 1

PCs:        Sir Durhum Lentilles (250 point Paladin of Saturn)

The session began with Sir Durhum arriving at a small town on a hill named after someone named Robert. Roberston may be poor, but they do have a Church of Saturn, patron god of farmers. And that is where Sir Durhum first went. There he met the groundskeeper, an elderly man and next door in the one room rectory, he met Father Robert (no connection to the hill). The priest invited Durhum to that night's service with the intention to talk the brawny paladin into helping fix up the church a bit – specifically, to add a second floor to the barn-like structure. Unfortunately, in the middle of the sermon, a young man named Will burst into the church coughing and clutching at his throat. Several of the townsfolk rushed over to help him; even Sir Durhum who was sitting at the front of the church was making his way toward him when Will dropped to his knees, looked up, and a long, plantlike stalk burst from his throat in a spray of pollen and spores. Everyone nearby began coughing but eventually it subsided. The paladin and the priest convinced everyone to leave while they took care of the body. Upon examination, the two uncovered a round puncture wound in the back of Will's neck They also collected the stalk to take to the local witch, a woman named Hilda.

The next morning, Durhum visited Hilda to see if she knew anything about the stalk. She didn't have much to say, and what she did was cryptic enough.  Durhum spoke with a few other townsfolk, including the Innkeeper, a grizzled middle-aged man. He learned that Will had recently visited Ashby, the next town over, to seek marriage with a girl from there. He also learned that Ashby's farmers had not been at the last market day. While at the inn, Durhum also met a local trapper named John, though he seems to have a few other names he sometimes goes by and a rather quiet monk from far to the south. It was suggested that he speak with the Hakraz, a local tribe that lives in the forests to the west, as well. Since they speak a different language, Durhum tried to hire John as a guide and translator, but his rates were too steep for the impoverished paladin At least he has a free room at the church as long as he needs it!

The session ended with Durhum scratching his head over Hilda's cryptic musings while gathering up supplies with the rest of the day's light. In the morning (next session), he plans to set out toward Ashby to see if anything happened to Will there.

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