Friday, July 14, 2017

It Lives!

As is usual, it seems, I have dropped off the face of the Earth thanks to a combination of Life, Classes, and Lack of Gaming (this is primarily a gaming blog, after all!). That said, I've decided to post what content I have that has yet to be published by Steve Jackson Games here for free. This material is not extensive, but it does pertain to at least one popular product - namely Dungeon Fantasy. To that end, my next post will be the full text of Dungeon Action, which contains rules for combining Dungeon Fantasy with the Action! series to produce an experience extremely close to that of Dungeons and Dragons. After that will appear rules on creating intellectual property, which are easily adapted to memetics and such (if and when I have time, I'll make that adaptation and post it, as well).

I hope you can all enjoy these. I will get them online as quickly as I can format them.

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