Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shadow-Infused Lens for Dungeon Fantasy

I was going through some of my old materials the other day and came across a lens I made a little over a year ago for a Dungeon Fantasy game. So I figured I'd share it here, since it's GURPSDay after all!


75 points
Choice Professions: Assassin, Martial Artist, Swashbuckler, Thief.
Marginal Professions: None.

Shadow-infused are mortal beings comprised partly of shadow. They are either the offspring of a mortal parent and a shadow elemental or were once moral and somehow become imbued with the stuff of darkness. Maybe they spent too long on the plane of shadows or were in a magical accident. Regardless, they make excellent spies and killers thanks to their ability to hide in the darkness. They're constantly surrounded by shadows, which flit about them or animate their own shadow in strange (and disturbing) ways.

Attributes: DX+1 [20].
Secondary Characteristics: Basic Move+1 [5].
Advantages: Clinging (Mana-Sensitive, -10%; Only in shadows, -20%) [14]; Dark Vision (Mana-Sensitive, -10%) [23]; Fit (Only in Darkness, -20%) [4]; Reputation +3 (Shadow Creatures) [5]; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3) [10]; Silence 1 [5]; Slippery 1 [2]; Temperature Tolerance (cold) 1 [1].
Racial Perks: Limited Camouflage (Shadows) [1]; Shadowplay* [1].
Disadvantages: Supernatural Feature (Animated Shadow) [-10]; Unfit (Only in Bright Lighting,-20%) [-4]; Unnatural Features 2 [-2].
Features: Dark black, gray, or black-speckled eyes. Surrounded by perpetual shadows that seem to cling to them.

* Shadowplay: Your character can manipulate nearby shadows into simple shapes or forms. This takes a DX roll, the better the roll the more complicated the shadow. He can even animate them – but this requires a Concentrate maneuver, 1 FP per minute, and persists for 1d seconds after you stop concentrating. You can animate at most one hex worth of shadows at a time. Those with Artist (Illusion) may substitute a DX-based roll if that is better than their DX.

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