Monday, October 29, 2018

A Divine Template

At this point, we’ve spent a good bit of time talking about what gods are like, how they are worshipped, what they can do, and how all of that is handled with game mechanics, so today, we will wrap things up by assembling all of that into a template for individual gods. This probably won’t be the wordiest post, since most of the template is fairly self-explanatory, especially if you have DF Clerics. Still, I’ll go bit by bit with brief descriptions, just in case it isn’t as clear as I think it is.

  • Name This is the name of the deity.
  • Epithets These are words or phrases used to indirectly refer to the deity. For example, Ares was sometimes referred to as “the bane of men”.
  • Divine Rank This is the type of Divine Favor that applies to the deity, as described in Totem Spirits as Patrons, Totem Spirits. The categories are Major God (basic divine favor), Minor God, Major Spirit, and Minor Spirit. This will set the price of Divine Favor for the deity, and consequently, which learned prayers are available.
  • Sphere of Influence This is the aspect of the universe the god has control over. The main gods tend to have multiple spheres they control.
  • Symbols Common symbols associated with the deity are listed here. These are things like a crescent, torch, or cats for Hecate or Thor’s hammer.
  • Relationships This describes any marital or familial relationships to other gods or known entities. Since many of the local gods are seen as a family, it’s worth noting.
  • Description An overview of what the god means to the people of the Trollenmere, what he symbolizes or embodies, his personality and demeanor, etc.
  • Morality This section explains what the deity values, which disadvantages are required to gain his blessing as a patron, and which traits are common among those he patronizes.
  • Divine Servitors Here the supernatural servants of the god are described. Usually, this is just the divine elements from Allies that are used to build servitors, along with any exceptions or notes about behavior, abilities, etc.
  • Priests Information concerning which templates work well as priests of the deity and how to modify them is presented here.
  • Holy Warriors Similar to Priests, this section concerns itself what holy warriors for the deity are like and how to modify existing templates to create them.
  • Cleric Spells This is a list of the spells granted by the deity, presented by Power Investiture (PI) level. As discussed before, these are only available to clerics and druids; other divine casters use Divine Favor.
  • Divine Favor This section provides guidance for the types of miracles usually performed. It also contains a small Powers-like write-up for creating learned prayers associated with this deity.

So without further ado, here is the template I will be using:


Divine Rank

Sphere of Influence 00
Symbols 00
Relationships 00






Divine Servitors




Holy Warriors


Cleric Spells


PI 1 00
PI 2 00
PI 3 00
PI 4 00
PI 5 00
PI 6 00

Divine Favor


Abilities: 00

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