Monday, October 1, 2018

Glossary of Places

What follows is a glossary of places near Alnwich. I will expand and refer to this in future posts so I can being using proper names for geography, locations, and peoples.

Alnwich. A town on the northern coast of the Trollenmere and the primary settlement in the region. It is the seat of Northmarch and westernmost settlement in the northern reaches. It is generally considered the last civilized resting place before entering the Wilderlands.

Arafon. A major river that runs from the Skaldafoll to the Black Sea in the south.

Arnath. The kingdom that controls most of the Planes of Arnath.

Black Sea. A large sea that connects to the ocean in the south.

Dunmire. A large stretch of fens on the southern shore of the Trollenmere. It is nestled within the Dunweald with the Finwold to the south.

Dunmore The capital of Usk and seat of the monarch. It is situated on a hill overlooking the confluence of the Usk and Arafon.

Dunweald. A large boreal forest that stretches from the Skaldafoll to the Planes of Arnath and from the Arafon in the east into the Wilderlands.

Elkshaw. The forest to the east of Alnwich along the road to the headwaters of the Mossbeck.

Finwold. A branch of the Dunweald abutting the southern edge of Dunmire.

Kalwinberg. The southernmost of the mountain in the Skaldafoll.

Kattaholm. A small island off the southern coast of the Trollenmere and location of Seidrborg. It is named for the vast population of cats in the area.

Mossbeck. A northern tributary of the Arafon whose headwaters are a week’s ride east of Alnwich.

Northmarch. A northwestern territory in the kingdom of Usk whose seat is Alnwich and whose lord is Earl Borg.

Planes of Arnath. The cold grasslands where the Riders of Arnath make their nomadic existence.

River Usk. A major tributary to the Arafon that drains snowmelt from a large portion of the Skaldafoll. Its catchment is known as Usklond.

Seidrborg. Abandoned castle and former school of sorcery located on a small islet on the southern coast of the Trollenmere on Kattaholm.

Silverketh. The northernmost branch of the Dunweald that covers the northern coast of the Trollenmere and climbs the lower slopes of Kalwinberg.

Skaldafjoll. A range of mountains known for their pervasive fog. It stretches from Kalwinberg in the south to Vitrdauth, the snowy wastes where far to the north where no man can survive.

Thanras. Ancient city upon which an unfathomable doom fell in times long past. It now lies abandoned on the southern coast of the Trollenmere near Seidrborg.

Trollenmere. A large, crescent-shaped glacial lake with no rivers flowing into or out of it. It wraps along the base of Kalwinberg.

Usk. The kingdom in which Northmarch and, by extent, Alnwich can be found. It spans the catchment for the northern reaches of the Arafon and the River Usk and claims the western Skaldafoll, as well.

Usklond. The catchment of the Rifer Usk. The people of Usklond call themselves Uskings, but outsiders oft as not call them Usklonders or Uskers.

Vitrdauth. The frozen wastes of the Far North beyond any civilization or protecting mountain where nothing survives.

Wilderlands. The lands beyond the edge of civilization.

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