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Guilds of Alnwich: The Fellowship

The Fellowship

Rank: Criminal Rank 0-3.
In Charge: Thieves.
In the Ranks: Agents, brutes, cutpurses, innkeepers, and killers.
On the Payroll: Physical types (barbarians, guards, knights, scouts, swashbucklers) and some magic users (apprentices, clerics, initiates, and wizards).
Influencing the AR: Streetwise.

The Fellowship is a criminal organization that deals in just about anything illegal in Alnwich. Their main source of income is from smuggling furs out of Alnwich, but they also smuggle goods in at reduced prices, steal from the Royal Mercantile Good any chance they get, and run any number of racketeering and gambling rings in town.

The Fellowship has ties to a number of other organizations in town, although none will admit it. Among these are the Fisker Clan, the Dahlgaards, and the Wardens. They form important components of their logistics network. If any of these connections were severed, it would disadvantage the Fellowship greatly in the near term, but they could probably do without any of them, if need be.

What the Fellowship Wants

The Fellowship wants money, and it isn’t particularly picky about how it gets that money. But that’s not their only goal. They were founded and continue to exist as a means of resistance against perceived overreaches by the King. This generally puts them at odds with the Royal Mercantile Syndicate, and they often use that as a justification for crimes they commit against the citizens of Alnwich.

While the Fellowship isn’t against getting their hands dirty, they generally avoid violence against locals, if it can be helped. Vices, hatchets, and knives are usually reserved for other criminals and for agents of the RMS. They do this to retain a degree of acceptance among the population – something they see as crucial to their existence. Most interactions delvers have with the Fellowship is as hired muscle and in the black market.

What the Fellowship Can Provide

The Fellowship can offer training for any skill or trait in the thief template. They can also grant discounts on poisons, concealable weapons, and the gear found under Covert Ops and Security Gear (Adventures, p. 25-26), and Thief/Spy (Treasure Tables, p. 25).
Appeals the Fellowship often fill include:
  • Accommodations. Any member might put up another member at his home, as needed.
  • Backup. This takes the form of thugs and lowlifes.
  • Favor. And you don’t have to wait for the day of anyone’s daughter’s wedding, either!
  • Hideout. The Fellowship is use to lying low and has plenty of safe houses for stashing brothers. +3 AR.
  • Immunity. The Fellowship knows just who to bribe to get the authorities off their back.
  • Mounts and Vehicles. The Fellowship has a number of draft animals and wagons it uses for secreting goods in and out of town.
  • Provisions. Just like accommodations, members can always spare a little food. After all, you’re family!
  • Special Orders. There is nothing the Fellowship can’t smuggle in with enough
  • Transportation. If there is one thing the Fellowship does, it’s smuggle.

Other ARs are at -3 or worse.

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