Friday, September 7, 2018

One Entrance Finished!

I think I can honestly say that I have enough mapped around the main entrance that players cannot get through it in less than a few sessions. This includes an entire castle and manor, the grounds, and its dungeons. Next, I'll move to another surface area, map what's relevant - not an entire castle, this time! - and draw a few levels down from there. This should start to be interesting, since the next levels below the next entrance do link up elsewhere. I'm curious to see how these maps grow as the mapping progresses.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on stocking the first set of maps and putting together adequate room descriptions. I'm also working on elements of Town and the overland journey to the dungeon. Things feel like they are coming together right now, so I'm going to ride this progress as far as I can! And if I hit a wall, I'll just repeat my mantra: Just keep mapping . . .

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