Sunday, September 9, 2018

Water Strider

13 points
Power: Body Mastery.
Prerequisites: Body Awareness 4; Cat’s Step 4; Inner Balance.
Activation Cost: 1 FP to activate; 1 FP per 2 minutes to maintain.

Your step is so light that you can even walk on water as if it were solid ground. In fact, any liquid will bear your weight, but just because you don’t fall in doesn’t mean caustic or otherwise harmful liquids won’t still affect you normally! You also ignore up to -2 in penalties to DX-based skills due to slippery or wet surfaces.

Enhanced Skills: +2 to Stealth and +4 to Light Walk.

Statistics: Walk on Liquid (Costs FP, 1/minute, -5%; PM, -10%) [13].

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