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Guilds of Alnwich: The Fisker Clan

Last night, I made my first organization using GRUPS Dungeon Fantasy 17 - Guilds, and thought I'd share it with you for comment and critique. They are centered in Town and have already begun to speak to some of the local politics that might exist. I'm a little leery of letting such setting fluff get out of hand lest that become more interesting than killing monsters, but I think it definitely gives a lot more depth to the setting. And since these organizations will both enable dungeon crawling and reward it, I'm going to continue making and including them.

As I make more, I'll post them as worked examples. I am rolling the Who They Are section into the initial description to avoid redundancy. The rest follows the format presented in Guilds.

The Fisker Clan

Craft Guild / Extended Family
Rank: Family Rank 0 to 3.
In Charge: Old Man Fisker (Agent) and his sons, Evard (Agent) and Ekker (Sage).
In the Ranks: Agents, laborers, native guides, and non-adventuring people.
On the Payroll: Laborers, servants, and non-adventuring people.
Influencing the AR: Merchant.

The Fisker Clan is a family of lakemen who control most of the fishing on the Trollenmere. They trace their heredity to Alnwich’s founding, and over the years have become both the predominant shipwrights and fishermen in the area. Their control of boat and net production ultimately allowed them to take over the entire fishing industry.

Today, they are a well-to-do family based out of their lakeside manor house overlooking their docks. They are led by the family’s patriarch, a cunning businessman named Arnen Fisker but more commonly known as Old Man Fisker. He has groomed his elder son, Evard to take over the business while his younger son Ekker oversees ship construction. Most of family members are involved in the family business in some aspect – as carpenters, sailmakers, ropers, etc.
What the Fisker Clan Wants

The Fisker Clan is driven by their desire to join the nobility. Being of gentry birth, they know their only hope is to marry one of their daughters to a nobleman, so they have been amassing wealth and local influence in hopes of attracting the attention of a lesser noble’s son. This underlies their focus on turning profits and growing their business.

They have already managed to place two daughters in the service of Earl Borg, have acquired a license to collect entry tolls at the docks – a lucrative deal in light of the region’s fur trade –, and are in negotiations with the RMS to obtain reduced shipping costs in exchange for supplying vessels elsewhere in the region. The latter of these bespeaks their desire to expand their operation beyond just the Trollenmere.

What the Fisker Clan Provides

The Fisker Clan can provide training in Area Knowledge (Trollenmere) (IQ/A), Boating (Sailboat and Unpowered) (DX/E), Carpentry (IQ/E), Fishing (Per/E), History (Trollenmere) (IQ/H), Knot-Tying (DX/E), Mechanic (Boats) (IQ/A), Navigation (Sea) (IQ/A), Seamanship (IQ/E), Shiphandling (IQ/A), and Weather Sense (Per/A).

Additionally, the Fisker Clan provide boats up to fishing boats, fishing hooks and line, nets, rope, and salted fish, plus the tools like axes, drills, hammers, and saws.
  • Accommodations. The clan owns a large house near the shore and can usually find a place to put people up.
  • Backup. The Fisker Clan takes care of its own. In times of trouble, they can provide laborers.
  • Lore. The clan’s extensive knowledge of shipbuilding, boating, and the lake give access to Area Knowledge (Trollenmere)-15; Connoisseur (Boats)-15; Engineer (Boats)-15; History (Trollenmere)-15; and Mechanic (Boats)-15 on a successful AR roll, made at +4.
  • New Gear. The Fisker Clan gives double the normal professional discounts on fishing hooks and line, nets, rope, and fish-based rations, to a maximum of 80% off, and the AR is at +4.
  • Provisions. The Fiskers always have some fish cooking. +2 to AR.
  • Replacement. Replacement gear produced by the clan is at the above discount.
  • Special Orders. The clan gives double the usual discounts, to a maximum of 80% off on boats, and the AR is at +4.
  • Transportation. The Fisker Clan can provide transportation by boat to any point on the Trollenmere’s coast or to any island therein.

Other ARs are at -3 or worse.

More Clans to Follow

I have almost a dozen organizations I plan on working up with stats, as above. This is as much for fun as it is to flesh out the world and provide potential benefits to players, and I'll probably post my results where the it wouldn't be inappropriate due to organizational secrecy.

If you liked this post, see any mistakes, or think it could be better, leave a comment. This is my first time using this process, so I'd love to get some feedback.

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