Monday, September 17, 2018

Colossal Monstrous Moth

Monstrous moths are strange creatures of unearthly beauty and grotesque size. They usually inhabit forests and large caverns where they can fly out of reach of prey while stunning them with their beauty and cooking them with their burning beams of light. When not hunting, they can shed light at will, and are often seen dancing in the night sky like the aurora.

First Encounter

SM 3 Dire Animal

Basic Speed 6.25
Vision 12
Hearing 12
Smell 16
Vibration Sense (Air) 12

Traits 360° Vision; Discriminatory Smell; Long-Distance Smell; Night Vision 6; Ultravision.


HP 50
FP 11
Dodge 10

Injury Tolerance No Vitals.
Immunities Influence Rolls; Mental Stun; Surprise.
Weakness Fire (x2); Likes Bright Lights.

Traits Perfect Balance.


Air Move 6/12
Ground Move 1
Climbing Move 1

Burning Light (16) 5d+2(2) burning. Acc 3. Range 30/300.
Dazzling Beauty (Will-5) Anyone who can see the monstrous moth must roll against Will at -5. On any failure, he suffers -3 to IQ, Will, Per, and skill rolls for minutes equal to margin of failure. On any failure by 5 or more, the subject is first Dazed (conscious but cannot move) for 25-Will seconds, and then suffers Euphoria as noted above.
Light Wave 8d+2 burning explosion. Centered on the moth. This attack requires one second of preparation.
Wind Gust (14) A monstrous moth can flap it’s wings to drive a forceful blast of wind at a foe. Roll 6d crushing, figure knockback for anyone caught within a 10-yard long, 3-yard wide cone emanating from the front of the moth. Apply only the knockback – ignore all crushing damage and blunt trauma. Damage can result from knockback or being blow into objects, however!
Illumination At will, the monstrous moth can shimmer with and shed an unearthly blue light that eliminated darkness penalties within 10 yards of it.

Traits Clinging; Flight (Winged).


ST 50
DX 14
HT 11
IQ 4
Per 12
Will 10

Traits Low Empathy; No Fine Manipulators; Wild Animal.
Skills Aerobatics-14; Flight-11; Innate Attack-16.

Too stupid to negotiate. This monstrous moth is 20 feet long and has a 40-foot wingspan.

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