Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Word of Command

25 points + 5 points / level
Power: Telepathy.
Prerequisites: Telepathic Talent 1.
Activation Roll: IQ.
Complimentary Skills: Body Language.

By pitching your voice and adjusting your speech patterns, you are able to speak directly to a person’s soul and compel him to action. Using this ability requires a full minute of Concentration on another person’s speech and mannerisms, after which you speak your command, which requires your subject both hear and understand. If your subject cannot hear you or cannot understand the language you issued your command in, the ability automatically fails. If your command is understood, however, you must then make a Quick Contest of your IQ versus your subject’s Will. Only range penalties apply, see Speed/Range Table, (p. B550).

If you win, your victim will obey that command for a number of seconds equal to your margin of victory. If your command goes directly against the subject’s beliefs, principles, etc., roll another Quick Contest at the moment of truth – just before he stabs his daughter or leaps into a crevasse. If you lose either Quick Contest, you cannot attempt Word of Command on that subject again for 24 hours, and he feels your attempt emanating from you. Critical failure has no special consequences.

You may also use this ability to mentally stun a specific subject. This carries the same requirements for extended Concentration as above, and requires the same Quick Contest. If you win, the subject is mentally stunned (b. 420). If you fail, the same consequences as above apply.

You may replace your IQ roll with an appropriate IQ-based skill whenever using this ability in that capacity. For example, using Word of Command to command would call for an IQ-based Leadership roll, or a Word of Command-powered attempt to extract information from a prisoner might use IQ-based Intimidation or Interrogation.

This ability comes in levels. The first level grants access to the ability as described here. Each additional level after the first halves the amount of Concentration required, to a minimum of 1 second at Level 7. Your level cannot exceed twice your Telepathic Talent level.

Enhanced Skills: +2 to Diplomacy, Fast Talk, Intimidation, Leadership, and Public Speaking.

Statistics: Mind Control (Hearing-Based, -20%; Independent, +70%; PM, -10%; Reduced Duration, 1/60, -35%; Takes Extra Time, x64, -60%) [23] + Rapier Wit (Alternative Ability, x1/5; Based on IQ, +20%; No Ready Required to Switch between Abilities, +100%; PM, -10%; Requires Concentration, -15%; Takes Extra Time, x64, -60%) [2]. Each additional level reduces Takes Extra Time by one level for [5] points each, until it is completely removed.

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