Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Side View Takes Shape

I just finished Version 1.0 of the side view for my megadungeon. It currently contains 16 levels with the assumption that they will all have some degree of sublevels. I also made it a point to Jayquay the shit out of it. This might bite me in the butt if players decide to make a beeline for Level 15 or some silliness, but I think I can generally control the flow into the dungeon by knowledge of entrances and carefully placed traps, puzzles, etc.

Something that worries me a bit about the current side view is that I didn’t really leave much empty space. This is an issue that will likely bite me in the butt later on, and I know it. I am already considering remaking the map with more space. Always, always leave room to grow. But even with that said, I’m pretty pleased with the level of interconnectedness I have and am excited about making a few of these levels. Fun times are ahead indeed.

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