Thursday, August 2, 2018

Discorporating Blow

15 / 30 / 44 / 59 / 74 / 88
Power: Projection.
Prerequisites: Pressure Secrets, Projector 1.

Activation Cost: 1 FP/use.

By precisely striking an opponent with a kick or punch, you can knock his spirit from his body. Roll the attack normally, with an extra -2 for targeting a pressure point. If this succeeds and your target fails to defend, make a Quick Contest of your Pressure Secrets skill versus your target’s Will, at -1 per level past the first. If you win, your target’s soul is knocked free of his body for a number of minutes equal to your Margin of Success. His body falls harmlessly to the ground in an unconscious heap for this duration.

A discorporate person has the Unmanifested Spirit meta-trait (see GURPS Fantasy, p. 134), meaning he does not breathe, drink, eat, or sleep; is unaffected by metabolic hazards; is insubstantial and invisible; and cannot make any sound. Thus, he cannot affect or be affected by anything physical, is affected by energy and magical attacks, and cannot respond in kind. He can move at his Basic Move in any direction, even through solid physical objects and perceive the physical world normally.

During this effect, your target’s body remains physical and unconscious. It still requires air, food, and water normally, and remains vulnerable to injury, heat, cold, etc. Similarly, your target’s insubstantial self can lose fatigue, requires sleep, food, water, etc. as normal and is targeted normally by insubstantial entities. All HP, FP, and Energy Reserves come from the same respective pools. If the target’s soul is knocked unconscious, it snaps back to the body, instead, where it remains unconscious.

Death can be special. If the spirit receives the killing blow, roll for Mortal Wounds (p. B423) with success meaning the body remains a mindless husk. If the body takes the killing blow, the soul may roll against Will-15, modified by any Projector talent levels. On a success, he permanently retains the Unmanifested Spirit meta-trait, increasing his point total by [149] points. Failure results in death.

Your Discorporating Blow level cannot exceed your Projector level.

Enhanced Skills: +2 to Esoteric Healing (Mystical) and Exorcism.

Statistics: Affliction (Advantage, Alternate Form (Unmanifested Spirit; Projection, -50%), +71%; Based on Will, +20%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP/use, -5%; Melee Attack, Range C,1, Cannot Parry, -30%; PM, -15%) [14.6/level].

Note: Make sure to round fractional point values up.

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