Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pristine Balance

25 points
Power: Body Mastery.
Prerequisites: Body Awareness 2.

You can sense the flow of the world around you, adapt yourself to its currents, and balance your being against the universe. This gives you near perfect balance, allowing you to eschew die rolls for the narrowness of any surface on which you walk. Moreover, you gain a bonus equal to your Body Awareness level +4 to all rolls to keep your feet or avoid being knocked down, with an additional +2 bonus for slippery surfaces, and if your unmodified skill level, with bonuses, is 16+, don’t bother rolling at all – you just succeed!

Lastly, falling poses little risk to you, as long as you are conscious and free to move your limbs. Subtract five yards from all falling distances and roll against the higher of DX, Acrobatics, or Jumping, at a bonus equal to your Body Awareness level. On a success, halve any damage you would take from the fall.

Enhanced Skills: +2 to Stealth; +3 to Acrobatics and Climbing; and +4 to Light Walk.

Statistics: Catfall (PM, -10%) [9] + No Nuisance Rolls (Rolls to Avoid Knockdown) [1] + No Nuisance Rolls (Rolls to Keep Your Feet) [1] + Perfect Balance (PM, -10%) [14].

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