Monday, August 6, 2018

Hare’s Leap

9 / 18
Power: Body Mastery.
Prerequisites: Acrobatics-12, Flying Leap-12, or Jumping-12, and Body Awareness 1.
Activation Cost: 1 FP/use.
Activation Roll: Varies, see p. B352.

By spending 1 FP, you can greatly increase your jumping distance. At first level, figure jumping distance as if you had run your full Move – even if making a standing jump – and double it. At second level, you no longer need to take the usual two Concentrate maneuvers to prepare without penalty, and you quadruple your jumping distance instead of doubling it.

Remember that you must still divide your overall jumping distance by your Basic Move to determine how long you are in the air, to a maximum of 5 seconds.

Add your Body Awareness level to any jumping-related roles made in conjunction with this ability.

Enhanced Skills: +2 to Acrobatics, Jumping, and any DX rolls made for vertical, long horizontal, or difficult jumps; +4 to Flying Leap.

Statistics: Super Jump 1 (Costs 1 FP/Use, -10%; PM, -10%) [8] + Running Start* [1]. Second level adds another level of Super Jump, plus Quick Leap† [1].

Running Start: In essence, you can always jump your maximum height or distance, as if you had run your full Move prior to jumping. This does not affect the penalty for leaps made without prior preparation.

† Quick Leap: You do not need to take any Concentrate maneuvers to prepare your jumps. This means you do no halve your jumping distance when leaping without preparation.

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