Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cat Step

3 points / level
Power: Body Mastery.
Prerequisites: Body Awareness 1.

Your footfalls are as a ghosts, leaving little sound and less trace. This grants you a +2/level bonus to Stealth checks to avoid being heard and allows you to learn Light Walk.

At third level, you no longer leave any discernable footprints. This lets you roll against Perception to cover you tracks, as if using Tracking for that purpose. If you already know Tracking, you gain a +2 bonus to the skill for this purpose, instead.

At fifth level, you gain a +2 bonus to Tracking for the sole purpose of covering your tracks. This is cumulative with any bonus gained at third level.

Your level cannot exceed your Body Awareness level, to a maximum of five levels.

Enhanced Skills: +2 to Climbing and DX rolls to keep your balance; +4 to Light Walk.

Statistics: Silence (Dynamic, +40%; No Footprints, +40%; PM, -10%) [2.6/level]. Be sure to round fractional costs up. At third level, add No Footprints* [1] or, if you already know Tracking, add As a Ghost 1† [1] instead. At fifth level, add a level of As a Ghost [1].

No Footprints. You do not leave footprints when you walk. Let’s you roll against Perception to cover your tracks, as if using the Tracking skill.

As a Ghost. You leave virtually no trace as you pass. This gives a +2 bonus to Tracking rolls specifically to cover your tracks. You can buy this perk up to three times, each time increasing the bonus by another +2.

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