Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mapping the Surface

I've been working on the main entrance to the megadungeon, starting with the surface level, and I gotta say, crap this is big. It's roughly box-shaped due to geography and architecture, and it's a complex nearly a quarter mile on a side. That's about 40 acres of surface complex, and it's not the only surface site related to the megadungeon; I'm planning at least two more. One of those won't be ginormous, but the other actually has justification to be.

I've actually become a little worried that this might be too big, but I'm not sure what that means. What are the consequences of making your map too big? It takes longer to get from one place to another. The PCs have lots of room to maneuver, but so do the monsters. That just changes the nature of combat, but it doesn't really hamper it. The PCs will have a harder time locking down rooms with multiple entrances, but that's kind of their problem.

So what do I stand to lose by making the map huge? Well, my time, for one. I might generate hundreds of rooms that never get visited, explored, enjoyed. But if there is anywhere to do that, it's on the surface where the PCs, and by extension the players, can see how giant and endless the dungeon is.

I really just can't come up with any other drawbacks for making a dungeon area absolutely stupidly oversized. Sure, it changes the nature of challenges, but it doesn't seem to make the game less fun. I'll try not to worry so much and just be the Dori of the Dungeon:

Just Keep Mapping!

Just Keep Mapping!

Just Keep Mapping!

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