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These man-sized faeries are known for their ugly appearance and brutish behavior. They have dull grey-green, wart-covered flesh, long and misshaped ears, a porcine nose, and sharp pointed teeth, bilious eyes, and are completely devoid of hair. The height of a man, most goblins have extremely bad posture that makes them appear shorter than they actually are.

Goblins are unfortunately common in dark, foreboding places, and prefer to hole up near human settlements. This gives them better access to prey and loot, and the pervasive superstitions surrounding anything fae-touched reduces reciprocity from the locals. In thankfully rare circumstances, massive hordes of goblins have been known to gather before going on grand hunts. These are usually called by nigh deific Sidh kings and queens, but sometimes arise in a manner similar to sharks entering a frenzy.

Individual goblins are not much more dangerous than a typical human warrior, but they are virtually unaffected by darkness and are possessed of a cruel streak. And most people are lucky to encounter an individual goblin, because goblins are every bit as canny as any person. They can and do sneak around, use tactics, evaluate situations, and use every opportunity to their advantage before, during, and after a fight.

First Encounter

SM 0 Faerie

Reaction Modifier -3
Morale 10
Basic Speed 6.00

Vision 12
Hearing 15
Smell 16

Fae Senses Faerie senses extend into both the spirit world and the material world simultaneously. This extends to all of their senses – mundane and supernatural. They can also hear into the ultrasonic range, giving a +3 bonus to most hearing rolls, and with an active Hearing roll made in a quiet setting, they can also hear subsonic sounds.

Traits Discriminatory Smell; Infravision; Night Vision 6.


HP 15
FP 12
DR 1
Dodge 10
Parry Varies
Block 10

Fae Weaknesses All faeries react to loud noises and people at -3 and to holy people and places at -4 and can be turned by anyone who invokes the faerie’s True Name as if they have True Faith with Turning.
The Iron Price Faeries take double damage from weapons made of meteoric iron. Such weapons also penetrate their Otherworldly Nature (below).
Oathbound Faeries must always speak the truth and always abide by the letter of a promise.
Resistances Illusion (+8); Poison (+3).
Immunities Aging; Non-Magical Disease.
Weaknesses Bloodlust (12); Bully (12); Callous.


Ground Move 6

Weapon (14) Roll 1d to determine the weapon carried:
1 – Knobbed Club: 1d+3 crushing. Reach 1. Parry 10.
2 – Light Club: 1d+3 (swing) or 1d (thrust) crushing. Reach 1. Parry 10.
3 – Large Knife: 1d cutting; Reach C, 1 or 1d-1 impaling; Reach C. Parry 9.
4 – Spear: 1d+1 impaling; Reach 1* (1-handed) or 1d+2 impaling; Reach 1, 2* (2-handed) or 1d+2 impaling; Acc. 2; Range 12/18 (Thrown). Parry 10.
5 – Mace: 1d+5 crushing; Reach 1. Parry 10U.
6 – Axe: 1d+4 cutting; Reach 1. Parry 10U.
Shield (14) 1d-1 crushing. Reach 1.
Punch (14) 1d-1 cutting. Reach C.
Sharp Teeth (14) 1d-1 cutting. Reach C.
Grapple (12) 1d-1 control points. Reach C.
Kick (12) 1d crushing. Reach C, 1. DX roll not to fall down on a miss!


ST 13
DX 12
HT 12
IQ 10
Per 11
Will 11

Traits Appearance (Ugly); Stalker 2.
Skills Brawling-14; Intimidation-10; Melee Weapon-14; Stealth-16.

Can usually be bribed. Carries the weapon listed, and occasionally some armor that isn’t included in the statistics above. This is a basic goblin that lacks any training or adventuring experience. Tougher goblins not only exist, but are common.

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