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This sorry-looking faerie beast resembles an auroch or wisent, but with an elongated neck and oversized head, the sheer weight of which seems an onus the creature simply cannot bear. Some believe they are the result of an ancient hag’s curse, but such stories are hardly worth the air spent telling them. In any case, they are gentle creatures who prefer the desolation of swamps and bogs where they can relax partially submerged in the still waters in solitude. If threatened or spooked, it will exude a noxious cloud that rapidly turns anyone caught within it to stone.

First Encounter

SM 2 Faerie

Reaction Modifier 0
Morale 9
Basic Speed 5.50

Vision 12
Hearing 12
Smell 19

Fae Senses Faerie senses extend into both the spirit and material world simultaneously. This extends to all of their senses - mundane and supernatural. They can also hear into the ultrasonic range, giving a +3 bonus to most hearing rolls, and with an active Hearing roll made in a quiet setting, they can also hear subsonic sounds.

Traits Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 4; Peripheral Vision; Parabolic Hearing 2.


HP 21
FP 11
DR 6
Dodge 9
Parry –
Block –

Skull DR The skull of a cateblepas has DR 9 against attacks from the front.
Fae Weaknesses All faeries react to loud noises and people at -3 and to holy people and places at -4 and can be turned by anyone who invokes the faerie's True Name as if they have True Faith with Turning.
The Iron Price Faeries take double damage from weapons made of meteoric iron.
Resistances Metabolic Hazards (+3).
Immunities Corrosive damage; Poison.
Weaknesses Bad Temper (12); Careful; Loner (12); Staid.

Traits Combat Reflexes; Extra Legs (Four Legs); High Pain Threshold; Temperature Tolerance 1 (10° F to 77° F).


Ground Move 8/12
Water Move 2

Bite (14) 2d-3 crushing. Reach C.
Gore (14) 2d+4 impaling. Reach C-1.
Kick (12) 2d+1 crushing. Reach C-1.
Ram (14) 2d+4 crushing. Reach C. If a foe is knocked down, inflict an additional 1d crushing damage.
Trample (14) 2d+4 crushing. Only affects prone SM 1 targets or any target of SM 0 or smaller. Counts as large area attack (p. B400) against SM -1 targets.
Petrifying Miasma (HT-2) As a ready action, a cateblepas can exude a sickly green gas that blankets a 4-yard radius. For so long as the miasma lasts, anything that breathes or has exposed skin in that radius must roll against HT at -2 or take 1d+2 toxic damage once per second. when 1/3 HP are lost, the victim suffers -3 to DX; at 2/3 HP loss, he suffers another -3 to DX. If HP are ever reduced to zero, he is turned to stone. Only some means of transmuting stone to flesh or removing curses will restore the victim to life. The miasma usually lingers for 5 minutes in still conditions or as little as 10 seconds in a strong wind.
Didn’t See You There! Anytime the cateblepas realigns its body with its head, any SM 1 or smaller creatures in the way are shoved. They may defend normally. Success means they duck or dodge around the cateblepas , but failure moves them with the cateblepas however far is necessary for the realignment to take place. If this results in him getting knocked down, he must Dodge at -3 to avoid also being trampled for 1d-2 crushing damage as large area injury!

Traits Terrain Adaptation (Slippery & Water).


ST 21
DX 12
HT 12
IQ 6
Per 12
Will 11

Traits Horizontal; No Fine Manipulators; Wild Animal.
Skills Brawling-14; Intimidation-10; Stealth-16; Sumo-Wrestling-13; Swimming-13.

A cateblepas' hide can be removed with a successful Professional Skill (Butcher) roll. This hide is immune to DR reduction from corrosive attacks, as is any leather armor made from it. The hide's value is $1dx100, plus 5% per point of Margin of Success and will suffice to make as much as one pair of leather pants or one shirt with sleeves.

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