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Gnolls (Starfall)

I posted my concept of gnolls two or three years ago, but they've changed a little for Starfall. So today, I present their updated statistics, as they are believed to be by the general population of Starfall, and specifically, Alnwich.

The gnoll presented here is a typical gnoll with no special training or adventuring experience to hone its deadliness. This is not a normal state of existence for gnolls and probably represents a juvenile or new recruit.


Gnolls are the bastard offspring of trolls and gnomes, and you really don’t want to think about how that happens. They appear as powerfully-built, ugly men with grayish skin, long noses, sharp teeth, and unnaturally long arms terminating in claws hands. They also appear to lack a gender, just like their troll progenitors. Gnollish temperament generally tends toward the creative and cruel, with the worst of the lot being downright bloodthirsty sadists, but they are also intelligent, clever, and organized. In fact, they are often found in pack-like tribes usually led by the strongest member.

Like trolls, gnolls are extremely resilient and heal from injury with frightful speed, and like gnomes, they are half in the physical world and have beyond it. This combination not only makes them extremely difficult to injure, but such injuries rarely last more than a few days. And if this wasn’t enough, their connection to the Otherworld lets them step in and out of the physical world with only a little effort.

First Encounter

SM 0 FAerie

Reaction Modifier -3
Morale 9
Basic Speed 6.00

Vision 11
Hearing 14
Smell 15

Fae Senses Faerie senses extend into both the spirit world and the material world simultaneously. This extends to all of their senses – mundane and supernatural. They can also hear into the ultrasonic range, giving a +3 bonus to most hearing rolls, and with an active Hearing roll made in a quiet setting, they can also hear subsonic sounds.

Traits Dark Vision; Discriminatory Smell.


HP 13
FP 13
Dodge 10
Parry Varies
Block –

Nictitating Membrane A wyvern has DR 5 protecting its eyes.
Resistances Metabolic Hazards (+3); Pain (+3).
Immunities Fear; Fire and Heat; Surprise.
Weaknesses Bad Temper (12); Overconfidence (12).
Fae WeaknessesAll faeries react to loud noises and people at -3 and to holy people and places at -4 and can be turned by anyone who invokes the faerie’s True Name as if they have True Faith with Turning.
The Iron Price Faeries take double damage from weapons made of meteoric iron. Such weapons also penetrate their Otherworldly Nature (below).
Oathbound Faeries must always speak the truth and always abide by the letter of a promise.
Otherworldly Nature You exist both in this world and in the Otherworld, making you all but immune to physical attacks. You suffer only 1 HP of injury from all piercing and impaling attacks and 2 HP of injury from any other source, and cannot be grappled or slammed except by those who can affect insubstantial targets. Cone and area attacks still affect you normally, as do any attacks that affect insubstantial targets or attacks with iron weapons (but not steel or other alloys).
Resistances Illusion (+8); Metabolic Hazards (+8); Pain (+3).
Immunities Aging; Fear; Surprise.
Weaknesses Bloodlust (15); Curious (9); Gluttony (12); Overconfidence (12).

Traits Combat Reflexes; Imaginative; Recovery; Regrowth; Universal Digestion; Very Rapid Healing.


Ground Move 6

Weapon (14) Roll 1d to determine the weapon carried:
1-2 – Knobbed Club: 2d crushing. Reach 1. Parry 11.
3 – Axe: 2d+1 cutting. Reach 1. Parry 11U.
4 – Hatchet: 2d-1 cutting. Reach 1. Parry 11.
5 – Mace: 2d+2 crushing. Reach 1. Parry 11U.
6 – Morningstar: 2d+2 crushing. Reach 1. Parry 11U. Flail.
Bite (12) 1d-1 cutting. Reach C.
Punch (12) 1d-1cutting. Reach C, 1.
Grapple (12) 1d control points. Reach C.
Mirrorwalk By concentrating for 10 seconds and spending 2 FP, you can walk through a mirror into the Otherworld or vice versa. If you take five minutes, you can simply open a portal that will take you and anyone who follows for 3d seconds.

Traits Long Arms 1 (+1 SM).


ST 13
DX 12
HT 12
IQ 10
Per 11
Will 11

Traits Appearance (Ugly).
Skills Brawling-12; Melee Weapon-14; Stealth-14; Wrestling-12.

Can usually be bribed. Carries the weapon listed, and occasionally some armor that isn’t included in the statistics above.

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