Thursday, January 3, 2019

Deity Template Update: Favored Weapons

I was talking with Kalzazz on GURPS Discord about the deity write-ups for Alnwich recently, and he made an interesting request: break out the deity's favored weapon on its own line. I didn't originally include this because I didn't want to imply that priests and paladins should be constrained to those weapons, but his issue was more one of general guidance.

Specifically, he sees favored weapon as a personality and iconographic trait that helps both the Gm and the player frame the deity within the game and the setting. Not all deities need to have a favored weapon, but those with one should have it listed. I'm not against this and will add such a line beneath "Symbols", since a deity's weapon, in many cases, is a symbol in itself (e.g., Thor, Zeus, the Grim Reaper, etc.).

So that begs the question, "What are the thirteen deities' favored weapons anyway?" I'll try to answer that now and add them into the existing write in the coming days.

Favored Weapons of the Gods

Jürä: Staff.
Karalis: Spear & Staff.
Korë: Bow & Spear.
Liekki: Fire. Lots of Fire.
Likumä: Spear, Sword & Shield.
Malä: Rod or Sickle. (coming soon).
Menes: Knife & Magic. (coming soon).
Milä: Sword, Spear & Sex. (coming soon).
Pazamë: Axes. (coming soon).
Sëra: None. Sëra is a goddess of peace and protection. (coming soon).
Sieva: Guisarme* or Sovnya*. (coming soon).
Veträ: Shield & Spear. (coming soon).
Yaunävä: Bow & Boar Spear.

* For descriptions and statistics for these weapons, see Equipment of Alnwich: Polearms.
† For a description of this weapon, see Equipment of Alnwich: Swords & Spears (coming soon).

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