Friday, January 25, 2019

Megadungeon Update

I wish I could report substantial progress on mapping and stocking the megadungeon, but I haven't gotten to work on it very much lately. I have some interesting ideas I plan on including and hope to find the time to work on them soon. Until then, I'm afraid I'll have to leave it as is. It sucks when life rears its head.

A few future plans, however:

  • A little more worldbuilding concerning the history of Alnwich and the attitudes of the locals.
  • Finishing up main guilds for Alnwich.
  • Writing a Mystic template.
  • Creating more Mystic power-ups.
  • Making MORE MONSTERS!!!! (I like monsters and I like variety)
  • Mapping the ruins of Thanras and what lies beneath.
Once I'm done with the player-facing stuff, I'll probably put out a call for some play testers to break the stuff I've made. So if you think you might want in, keep an eye out for when I get around to dropping the Mystic template.

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