Sunday, December 2, 2018

Iron Hide

10 / 15 / 20
Power: Body Mastery.
Prerequisites: Body Awareness 1.

Your control over your body lets you take tremendous blows without feeling pain, and eventually without suffering injury. At first level, you no longer suffer stun penalties, have all penalties from various pain conditions halved, and enjoy a +3 bonus to any rolls that involve resisting the effects of pain.

At second, you gain DR 2. This DR is natural and does not reduce blunt trauma damage or prevent contact effects from affecting you. Furthermore, any follow-up effect whose carrier inflicts exactly zero or more damage after this damage resistance still affects you. At third level, this DR increases to 4.

Enhanced Skills: +2 to Autohypnosis, Meditation, and any rolls to enter a trance.

Statistics: High Pain Threshold (PM, -10%) [9] + Autotrance. At second and third level, add Damage Resistance 2 (PM, -10%; Tough Skin, -40%) [5/level].

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