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The Gods of Alnwich: Liekki


the Ever-Burning Ember, of the Flame, of the Forge, Preserver of Prophecy

Greater Deity
Sphere of Influence: Craftsmanship, Fire, Fate, and Prophecy.
Symbols: Anvil, Ash, Bellows, Fire, Fox, Hammer & Tongs, Iron, South, a Stranger.
Favored Weapon: Fire. Lots of Fire.
Relationships: None.

Liekki is the divine embodiment of fate whose forge tempers the destinies of men. Through fire, Liekki hardens men into heroes by testing their meddle in a gauntlet of trials and tribulations only to emerge stronger than every they’d have otherwise been. As helmsman of fate, Liekki steers the cosmic world-ship through the entropic seas of future history with the subtlest of nudges – a whispered comment here, a spilled drink there – so as to maintain the workings of prophecy and preserve the order that Karalis spies in his drunken reveries.

Liekki often appears in the mortal world, but never in the same way twice. Only the forms most capable of applying the cleverest pressures will do, and no two situations carry the same needs. So it is that one meeting will see Liekki as a fat, rich, slovenly merchant draped with prostitutes in a brothel and the next, a chaste and pious priestess clad in vestal whites. No matter the shape taken, Liekki never lingers in the mortal realms longer than necessary to push history back on course.


Liekki follows a strict code dedicated to the preservation of the natural order set out at the start of time. As such, followers are expected to have one of Disciplines of Faith (Mysticism) [-10] or Honesty (12) [-10]. The former represents the many rites and rituals dedicated to Liekki; these take 1d6 hours per day to complete the many ritual meditations, prayers, and ceremonies necessary to honor Liekki. The latter represents a dedication to the ideals of order.  

Divine Servitors

Divine servitors of Liekki always have one of Fire or Order elements, and often have Wisdom, as well. Those that don’t typically have Good or Nature, with a rarer few having Evil. Even evil divine servitors are not necessarily adversarial, but they are dark, foreboding, and are the personification of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The most beneficent divine servitors, on the other hand, are guardians of those destined for great things.


Every shrine to Liekki revolves around a central brazier that is kept alight in all weather without fail. The grounds surrounding the ever-burning Flame usually have places to hang written prayers to Liekki and benches upon which worshippers can perch while staring into the Flame for revelations. It is not uncommon for supplicants to make offerings by throwing them into the eternal Flame to be consumed by the deity. Larger shrines and temples will also include domed structures to protect the Flame, along with accommodations for priests, acolytes, and wealthy pilgrims.

Clerics of Liekki

Priests of Liekki should generally be built using the Initiate template with the following modifications:

Advantages: Remove Channeling, Green Thumb, Licensed Exorcist, Medium, Spirit Badge, Spirit Empathy, Spirit Weapon from the list of optional advantages and add Channeling (Specialized, Fire Spirits, -50%) [5], Medium (Specialized, Fire Spirits, -50%) [5], Resistant to Heat/Fire (+3) [5], Spirit Empathy (Specialized, Fire Spirits, -50%) [5], Temperature Tolerance (Heat) [1/level].
Disadvantages: Add a required -10 points in any of the disadvantages listed under Morals, above and reduce the -30 points in disadvantages to -20. • Add Pyomania [-5*] to the list of optional disadvantages.
Skills: Remove Herb Lore, Hidden Lore (Faeries), Naturalist from the list of optional primary skills and add Armoury (any) (A) IQ [2]-13 to the list of optional primary skills. • Remove Veterinary from the list of optional secondary skills. • Add Whip (VH) DX [8]-11 to the melee weapon options. • Remove Blowpipe, Bolas, Net, and Thrown Weapon (Stick) from the ranged weapon options and add Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace) (E) DX+1 [2]-12. • Remove Animal Handling (any), Disguise (Animals), Fishing, Mimicry (Animal Sounds or Bird Calls), and Survival from the list of optional background skills and add Dancing (A) DX-1 [1]-10; Fire Eating (A) DX-1 [1]-10; and Armoury (any) (A) IQ-1 [1]-12.
Special Abilities and Spells: Choose the following 25-point package:

Cleric of Liekki: Either Power Investiture 2 [20] or Divine Favor 5 [20]. • Choose [-10] points from disadvantages mentioned in Morality, above. • 15 points total in any combination of Power Investiture 3 [10], Divine Favor 6 or 7 [5 or 15], Learned Prayers, or clerical spells.

* Modified for Control Roll.

Holy Warriors of Liekki

Holy warriors of Liekki are usually built using the Archer template with the following modifications:

Advantages: Add Divine Favor 4, 5, or 6 [10, 15, or 20], Indomitable [10], Resistant to Heat/Fire (+3) [5], Temperature Tolerance (Heat) [1/level], and “or Learned Prayers” to the list of optional advantages.
Disadvantages: Add a required -10 points in any of the disadvantages listed under Morals, above and reduce first -20 points disadvantages to -10.

Skills: Remove Animal Handling (any), Gambling, Merchant, Seamanship, Streetwise, and Survival from the optional background skills and add Dancing (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Fire Eating (A) DX-1 [1]-12; and Fortune-Telling (A) IQ-1 [1]-9.

Cleric Spells

Clerics of Liekki are granted the following spells:

PI 1 Armor, Bravery, Coolness, Death Vision, Detect Magic, Final Rest, Identify Metal, Ignite Fire, Lend Energy, Measurement, Purify Air, Purify Water, Recover Energy, Resist Fire, Resist Pressure, Seek Fire, Shape Fire, Share Vitality, Test Load.

PI 2 Aura, Cadence, Clean, Cleansing, Compel Truth, Detect Poison, Extinguish Fire, Fast Fire, Find Weakness, Flaming Weapon, Glow, Great Voice, Lend Vitality, Light, Melt Ice, Minor Healing, Repair, Resist Cold, Resist Disease, Resist Pain, Reveal Function, Sense Spirit, Sharpen, Shield, Soilproof, Stop Bleeding, Turn Zombie, Warmth.

PI 3 Affect Spirits, Body-Reading, Command, Continual Light, Flaming Missiles, Gift of Letters, Healing Slumber, Heat, History, Inspired Creation, Locksmith, Magic Resistance, Metal Vision, Might, Remove Contagion, Repel Spirits, Resist Acid, Resist Lightning, Resist Poison, Seeker, Shape Metal, Shape Plant, Smoke, Summon Spirit, Vigor.

PI 4 Astral Block, Astral Vision, Banish, Bladeturning, Burning Touch, Command Spirit, Control Fire Elemental, Create Fire, Create Water, Cure Disease, Destroy Water, Dispel Magic, Dispel Possession, Divination, Knot, Lockmaster, Major Healing, Missile Shield, Oath, See Secrets, Strengthen Will, Suspend Curse, Wisdom.

PI 5 Ancient History, Awaken Craft Spirit, Bind Spirit, Bless, Blight, Create Fire Elemental, Curse, Earthquake, Entrap Spirit, Gift of Tongues, Great Healing, Monk’s Banquet, Neutralize Poison, Pentagram, Relieve Madness, Relieve Paralysis, Remove Curse, Restoration, Shatter, Stone to Flesh, Suspended Mana, Turn Spirit, Vigil, Volcano, Wither Plant.

PI 6 Drain Mana, Essential Flame, Golem, Instant Restoration, Planar Summons (Divine Servitor), Prehistory, Rain of Fire, Regeneration, Sanctuary, Steelwraith.

Divine Favor

Liekki is the smith of the gods and answers prayers concerned with the creation of solid things – including living things. He is also the god of fire and prophecy. Prophets are typically required to stare into a flame for some time before receiving visions or information, and his priests are known for wielding fire as a weapon.

Abilities Affliction, with Coughing or Suffocation; Allies, with Minion (+0%) and Summonable; Alternate Form (Body of Fire); Burning Attack; Clairsentience; Control (Fire); Control (for any type of solid matter); Create (Fire); Create (Solid); Damage Resistance, with Limited for Cold, Heat, or Ranged Projectiles (all -40%); Danger Sense; Enhanced Dodge; Infravision; Intuition; Oracle; Snatcher, with Creation; and Temperature Tolerance, for heat.

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