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Pegasi are majestic winged horses akin to coursers in size and speed. Their tremendous eagle-like wings allow pegasi to soar through the sky or dive in fast swoops. If threatened, a pegasus will take to the air and fly away. Pegasi are rare creatures who inhabit high altitude plateaus – the more inaccessible, the better.

First Encounter

SM 1 Hybrid

Reaction Modifier 0
Morale 6
Basic Speed 5.50

Vision 12
Hearing 12
Smell 12

Traits Night Vision 4; Nondiscriminatory Vision; Peripheral Vision, Parabolic Hearing 2; Ultrahearing.


HP 21
FP 14
DR 1
Dodge 9
Parry –
Block –

Celestial Blood Pegasi react to unholy people, objects, and places at -4.
Resistances Animal Handling & Control (+3); Fear (+2).
Weaknesses Crushing (x2).

Traits Catfall; Extra Legs (Four Legs).


Ground Move 8/16
Air Move 10/20

Bite (10) 2d-5 crushing. Reach C.
Kick (9) 2d-1 crushing. Reach C, 1.
Trample (16) 2d-1 crushing. Only affects prone SM 0 targets or any target of SM -1 or smaller. Counts as large area attack (p. B400) against SM -2 targets.

Traits Flight (Cannot Hover; Winged).


ST 21
DX 10
HT 11
IQ 10
Per 12
Will 10

Traits Careful; Congenial; Wild Animal.
Skills Fligh-13; Running-13.

Doesn't speak despite having IQ 10, but will negotiate for food and good treatment. Pegasi have BL 97 with the following encumbrance breakdown:

  • None 97 lbs.
  • Light 194 lbs.
  • Medium 291 lbs.
  • Heavy 582 lbs.
  • Extra-Heavy 970 lbs.

A pegasus carrying more than a Medium load cannot move fast enough to stay airborn and will bear its rider as would a normal horse.

A wild adult pegasus is easily worth $200,000 or more. A foal or blooded pegasus is virtually priceless. Pegasi require special saddles to mount; these are custom-made and will cost at least $300. Food costs $7 and weighs 26 lbs. per day, and a professional groom is required ($90 per day). Stabling in Town usually costs $15 per day.

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