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Malks are horrific faerie mockeries of grayish-white tigers with overly-fluffy tails and a raspy growl. They are cruel, intelligent, ferocious, and completely given to the power of the Winter Court. Like more mundane cats, they enjoy playing with their food, and will often torture hapless adventurers into madness before finally consuming them.

The malk are sometimes called displacer beasts because of the preternatural illusions that impregnate its fur. Anyone who tries to actively find or aim at a malk almost always finds himself pointed in the wrong direction. This is purely the result of an illusion; the beast was never where he thought it was in the first place. If this isn’t bad enough, malks can fade from sight and move in complete silence. These two abilities make them consummate hunters and brutal predators.

First Encounter

SM 1 Faerie

Reaction Modifier -3
Morale 12
Basic Speed 7.00

Vision 12
Hearing 14
Smell 16

Fae Senses Faerie senses extend into both the spirit and material world simultaneously. This extends to all of their senses - mundane and supernatural. They can also hear into the ultrasonic range, giving a +3 bonus to most hearing rolls, and with an active Hearing roll made in a quiet setting, they can also hear subsonic sounds.

Traits Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 9; Parabolic Hearing 2; Precise Hearing.


HP 19
FP 11
DR 2
Dodge 10
Parry –
Block –

Displacement (Will-3) Upon using this, anyone observing the malk must roll against Will, at -3. Failure results in a -6 penalty on all attempts to visually target the malk; the subject may attempt this roll once per minute to shake off its effects. Anyone who succeeds does not incur this penalty as long as he continuously keeps his sight on the malk. Losing sight for even a moment triggers a new Will roll.
Fae Weaknesses All faeries react to loud noises and people at -3 and to holy people and places at -4 and can be turned by anyone who invokes the faerie's True Name as if they have True Faith with Turning.
The Iron Price Faeries take double damage from weapons made of meteoric iron.
Oathbound Faeries must always speak the truth and always abide by the letter of a promise.
Resistances Illusions (+8).
Immunities Cold.
Weaknesses Bad Temper (12); Callous; Careful; Laziness; Nosy; Sadistic (15).

Traits Catfall; Combat Reflexes; Extra Legs (Four Legs); Perfect Balance.


Ground Move 12

Claws (16) 2d cutting . Reach C-1.
Fangs (16) 2d cutting. Reach C.
Frost Breath (16) 2d fatigue with freezing. Jet. Range 10.
Grapple (16) 2d+1 control points. Range C.
Trample (16) 2d-1 crushing. Only affects prone SM 0 targets or any target of SM -1 or smaller. Counts as large area attack (p. B400) against SM -2 targets.
Fade and Remain (Will-5) By Concentrating, a malk can fade from sight completely. Anyone who can see the beast must roll against Will-5 or treat the beast as invisible and silent. It can still be detected by other senses, and this effect only lasts as long as it maintains concentration.
Mirorwalk By concentrating for 10 seconds and spending 2 FP, a malk can walk through a mirror into the Otherworld or vice versa. If it takes five minutes, it can simply open a portal that will take it and anyone it wants who follows for 3d seconds.

Traits Extra Attack 1; Terrain Adaptation (Ice, Snow & Uneven).
Features Born Biter 2.


ST 19
DX 14
HT 11
IQ 6
Per 12
Will 10

Traits Flexibility; Horizontal; No Fine Manipulators; Wild Animal.
Skills Brawling-16; Intimidation-11; Jumping-16; Stealth-17; Swimming-12; Wrestling-16.

Doesn't speak despite having IQ 6, and will not negotiate. More intelligent malks are rumored to exist. These have IQ in human ranges and can speak, if they feel like it. They also have a Disturbing Voice that sounds like nails scrapping on a chalkboard and use it  to terrify their prey before eating it.

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