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The Gods of Alnwich: Yaunävä


of the Beasts, of the Dance, the Huntress, the Virgin

Greater Deity
Sphere of Influence: Animals, forests, hunting, and maidenhood.
Symbols: Acorn, Blood, Bow, Chalice, Dance, Deer, Moon, Silver, Swan, White.
Favored Weapons: Bow and Boar Spear.
Relationships: Daughter of Mënes and sister to Malä.

Yaunävä is the goddess of animals, chastity, hunting, and the natural world. She is the inevitable force of nature that drives every living thing to survive at all costs. Thus, she is a dark goddess – she loves animals and loves hunting them; she ruthlessly persecutes any man who sees her naked; and she is particularly fond of bloody sacrifices. Still, she has a compassionate side. She serves as the goddess of childbirth and often comes to the aid of hunters and those lost in the wilderness – especially those who dedicate themselves to a life of chastity.

Yaunävä most often appears as a young, nubile woman lightly clad with a cape of swan feathers and carrying a bow. She is closely associated with does and stags, and are often accompanied by such.


Priestesses and priests of Yaunävä are dedicated to the same passions as the Virgin, herself. Represent a dedication to animals or nature with Sense of Duty (Animals or Wild Nature) [-15], and a dedication to hunting with Obsession (Slay One Specific Monster Type) [-5*] or (Slay All Monsters of One Specific Type) [-10*]. It is also common for clergy to take Vow (Chastity) [-5]. Yaunävä is a bloody mistress who delights in blood sacrifices moreso than any other deity in the pantheon, making Disciplines of Faith (Ritual Sacrifices) [-10] commonplace and appropriate. Other common Disciplines include Mysticism and Ritualism. And while Yaunävä prefers women to men, those males she does patronize must always be respectful of women and never refuse a woman aid; this is encapsulated within Code of Honor (Gallantry) [-5].

Bloodlust and Callous are common among Yaunävä’s followers, but they are not required by the Huntress for her grace.

Divine Servitors

All of Yaunävä’s divine servitors have at least one level of the Nature element, and a great many also have the Natural lens. Those who embody the mischievous, teasing Virgin will also add Beauty or Deceoption; while, those who represent the Huntress will take Fear or Travel. Finally, Yaunävä’s roots as a war goddess manifest as Fear and War.


Yaunävä’s freestanding shrines are not built; they are grown. These are usually located at unspoiled springs amidst virgin woods. High reeds are cultivated along the water’s edge and form the backdrop to a small clearing ringed by flowring shrubs and bushes. Saplings and young trees back these to form the walls and roof with their trunks and branches. Amidst these, vines grow to thatch the structure and provide shelter. From the bough-rafters hang the carcasses of blood offerings, but once decayed, the bones are removed from the structure for use – nothing is wasted. The sanctum in such shrines is just past the curtain of reeds within the virginal waters of the spring. Such waters are among the most purifying in the world.

Within larger temples, Yaunävä’s shrine has a depiction of the goddess, usually carved from white marble and clad in swan feathers, and accompanied by her typical retinue of wildlife. On her alter are placed two silver basins. One is kept full with pure spring water and the other the sacrificial blood of game killed in a hunt. Jars of blessed acorn paste is provided at more prosperous temples for worshippers to draw a line extending downward from below each eye.

Clerics of Yaunävä

Priests of Yaunävä should generally be built using the Initiate template with the following modifications:

Advantages: Remove Channeling, Green Thumb, Licensed Exorcist, Medium, Spirit Badge, Spirit Empathy, Spirit Weapon from the list of optional advantages and add Absolute Direction [5], Animal Empathy [5], Divine Favor 4, 5, or 6 [10, 15, or 20], Spirit Empathy (Specialized, Animal Spirits, -50%) [5]. Appropriate Higher Purpose specialties should revolve around hunting and tracking or protecting animals and virgin wilderness.
Disadvantages: Add a required -10 points in any of the disadvantages listed under Morals, above and reduce the -30 points in disadvantages to -20.
Skills: Add Survival (any) (A) Per [2]-13 to the list of optional primary skills. • Replace Interrogation and Writing with Tracking (A) Per-1 [1]-12 and Traps (A) IQ-1 [1]-12 in the list of optional secondary skills. • Remove Flail from the melee weapon options. • Remove Blowpipe, Lasso, and Net from the ranged weapon options. • Remove Teamster and Traps from the list of optional background stills and add Area Knowledge (Trollenmere) (E) IQ [1]-13; Naturalist (H) IQ-2 [1]-11; Swimming (E) HT [1]-11; and Weather Sense (A) IQ-1 [1]-12.
Special Abilities and Spells: Choose the following 25-point package:

Cleric of Yaunävä: Either Power Investiture 2 [20] or Divine Favor 5 [20]. • Choose [-10] points from disadvantages mentioned in Morality, above. • 15 points total in any combination of Power Investiture 3 [10], Divine Favor 6 or 7 [5 or 15], Learned Prayers, or clerical spells.

Holy Warriors of Yaunävä

Holy warriors of Yaunävä are usually built using the Squire template with the following modifications:

Advantages: Remove Born War Leader 1 [5] from the list of required advantages; these points will go toward skills. • Add Absolute Direction [5], Animal Empathy [5], Animal Friend 1-4 [5/level], Divine Favor 4, 5, or 6 [10, 15, or 20], Outdoorsman 1 or 2 [10 or 20], and “or Learned Prayers” to the list of optional advantages.
Disadvantages: Add a required -10 points in any of the disadvantages listed under Morals, above and reduce first -20 points disadvantages to -10.

Skills: Remove Flail, Lance, and Two-Handed Flail from all of the optional melee skill packages, and reduce the total points available to them by 8 to a total of [8] points. This reduces weapon skill levels by 2. • Replace Armoury (Body Armor) and Connoisseur with Armoury (Missile Weapons) and Survival (any) (A) Per [4]-11 and add Naturalist (H) IQ-1 [2]-9 and Tracking (A) Per-1 [1]-9 to the list of mandatory secondary skills. • Replace Bow, Crossbow, SlingThrowing, Thrown Weapon, in the list of optional ranged weapon skills with Bow (A) DX+4 [12]-17; Crossbow (E) DX+5 [12]-18; Sling (H) DX+3 [12]-16; Throwing (A) DX+4 [12]-17; or Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace, Spear, or Stick) (E) DX+5 [12]-18. • Remove Gambling, Merchant, Seamanship, and Streetwise from the optional background skills and add Camouflage (E) IQ [1]-10; Disguise (Animals) (H) IQ-2 [1]-8; Jumping (E) DX [1]-12; Mimicry (Animal Sounds or Bird Calls) (H) IQ-2 [1]-8; Navigation (Land) (A) IQ-1 [1]-9; Traps (A) IQ-1 [1]-9; and Weather Sense (A) IQ-1 [1]-9.

Cleric Spells

Yaunävä grants her clerics the following skills:

PI 1 Armor, Aura, Beast Seeker, Beast-Rouser, Beast-Soother, Body-Reading, Bravery, Cleansing, Coolness, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Find Direction, Lend Energy, Lend Vitality, Might, No-Smell, Purify Water, Quick March, Recover Energy, Sense Life, Share Vitality, Stop Bleeding, Tell Position, Test Food.

PI 2 Animal Control, Awaken, Beast Link, Beast Speech, Bless Plants, Extinguish Fire, Final Rest, Hide Path, Identify Plant, Know Location, Light Tread, Master, Minor Healing, Night Vision, Pathfinder, Peaceful Sleep, Prepare Game, Purify Food, Remove Contagion, Resist Cold, Resist Disease, Resist Pain, Resist Poison, Rider, Seek Food, Seek Pass, Seek Plant, Seek Water, Seeker, Shield, Silence, Umbrella, Vigor, Watchdog, Weaken Blood.

PI 3 Beast Summoning, Blight, Climbing, Command, Cure Disease, False Tracks, Healing Slumber, Madness, Magic Resistance, Major Healing, Mystic Mist, Neutralize Poison, Plant Sense, Plant Vision, Predict Weather, Purify Air, Rejuvenate Plant, Remember Path, Repel Animal, Resist Fire, Resist Lightning, Resist Pressure, Sense Spirit, Slow Healing, Snow Shoes, Steal Vitality, Stop Paralysis, Summon Spirit, Swim, Tracer, Turn Spirit, Walk through Plants, Weather Dome.

PI 4 Affect Spirits, Astral Vision, Banish, Breathe Water, Command Spirit, Conceal, Dispel Magic, Dispel Possession, Divination, Forest Warning, Gift of Tongues, Heal Plant, Instant Neutralize Poison, Monk’s Banquet, Oath, Plant Control, Plant Speech, Protect Animal, Repel Hybrids, Rider Within, Strengthen Will, Suspend Curse, Terror, Turn Zombie, Vigil, Wither Plant.

PI 5 Astral Block, Beast Possession, Bless, Blossom, Curse, Entrap Spirit, Great Healing, Plant Form, Plant Growth, Relieve Madness, Relieve Paralysis, Remove Curse, Shapeshifting, Tangle Growth.

PI 6 Arboreal Immurement, Bind Spirit, Drain Mana, Permanent Beast Possession, Planar Summons (Divine Servitor), Plant Form Other, Shapeshift Other.

Divine Favor

Yaunävä is a guardian of nature and the untouched, but also of hunting and is often associated with druids who are particularly fond of her. She is a bloody goddess who hears prayers concerning animals, nature, predation, and survival. Advantages marked with an asterisk (*) involve direct mental contact and require Specialized, Animals (-25%), and only work on normal, nonsapient animals.

Abilities Allies (Animals), with Summonable; Animal Empathy; Appearance, with Glamour; Binding, with Environmental (-40%); Channeling, with Specialized, Nature Spirits (-50%); Control (Wood); Corrosion Attack, with Accessibility, Only against the undead (-50%); Damage Resistance, with Limited, Animals (-60%) or Plants (-40%); Detect, for any object or entity; Discriminatory Smell; Enhanced Defenses (any), with Limited, Animals (-60%); Fit; Healing, with Animals Only (+0%); Innate Attacks, with Environmental (-40%) for plants turned into weapons; Leach, for drinking blood to regenerate or gain power; Medium, with Specialized, Nature Spirits (-50%); Metabolism Control; Mimicry; Mind Control*; Mind Probe*; Mind Reading*; Mindlink, with an animal; Penetrating Vision, with Specific, Wood (-40%) or Specific, Plants (-40%); Permeation (Wood); Pitiable; Plant Control; Plant Empathy; Possession, with Plants Only or Specialized, Animals, both (-25%); Resistant or Immunity to any natural threat; Shapeshifting, into any animal form; Speak with Animals; Speak with Plants; Special Rapport, with an animal; Spirit Empathy, with Specialized, Nature Spirits (-50%); Telecommunication (Telesend)*; Telekinesis, with Environmental (-40%); Terrain Adaptation, for Undergrowth; Very Fit.

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