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Wyvern, Young Adult

Today I offer up my take on the classic wyvern. These are massive beasts have enormous wings, powerful muscles, and breathe fire, but they aren't the intelligent dragons of Lord of the Rings or D&D. These are animalistic monstrosities that carry off cattle to devour in their mountain eyries. That is, I suppose, a kindness to those seeking to slay them.

One other big difference between the classic dragon and perhaps a bit of a pedantic note, wyverns, while dragon-like, have only four limbs - two hind legs and two wings. This is an implicit assumption in this and any other creatures in the sphere of that which is dragon. So without further ado, here's a young adult wyvern:

Wyvern, Young Adult

Wyverns are enormous, semi-upright, reptilian creatures with the body layout of a bird, although they lack feathers. Instead, their thick hides are covered in scales. A pair of bat-like wings replaces its front arms, much as a bird’s wings replace its arms, and a long, powerful tail flows out behind it. If this isn’t horrifying enough, wyverns can exhale massive plumes of fire, and much like pigs, never stop growing throughout their lives. This wyvern is a young adult.

First Encounter

SM 3 Dire Animal

Reaction Modifier -3
Morale 11
Basic Speed 6.50

Vision 14
Hearing 14
Smell 18

Traits Discriminatory Smell; Infravision; Night Vision 7; Peripheral Vision.


HP 40
FP 13
DR 5
Dodge 11
Parry –
Block –

Nictitating Membrane A wyvern has DR 5 protecting its eyes.
Resistances Metabolic Hazards (+3); Pain (+3).
Immunities Fear; Fire and Heat; Surprise.
Weaknesses Bad Temper (12); Overconfidence (12).

Traits Catfall; Combat Reflexes; Hard to Kill 2; Hard to Subdue 2; Recovery; Regeneration (Slow, 4 HP/12 hours); Temperature Tolerance (-25° F to 150° F).


Air Move 14/28
Ground Move 7/10

Fiery Breath (12) 4d burning. Cone, 1-yard-wide x 10 yards long.
Fangs (16) 7d+5 cutting. Reach C-2.
Tail Sweep (16) 7d+5 crushing. Reach C-7. If a tail sweep hits its target and the target either successfully Dodges or is knocked down or killed outright, the attack continues through to the next viable target in its path. The sweep must be either left to right or right to left.
Gore (16) 7d+12 impaling. Reach C-2.
Talons x2 (14) 4d+5 cutting or impaling. Reach C-2.
Grapple (14) 4d+5 control points. Reach C-2.
Wing Slam (16) 7d-2 crushing. Reach C-3. Cannot be used on the wing.
Trample (14) 4d+5 crushing. Only affects prone SM 2 targets or any target of SM 1 or smaller. Counts as a large area attack (p. 400) against SM 0 targets.
Belly Flop (12) 2d-1 crushing. Large area injury. Target may only Dodge or Evade, and only if he wins a Quick Contest between his Vision and the wyvern's Stealth. If the belly flop hits, the target must squirm free on subsequent turns, which gives -3 to active defenses and allows at most a step of movement.
Didn't See You There! Anytime the wyvern realigns its body with its head, any SM 2 or smaller creatures in the way are shoved. They may defend normally. Success means they duck or dodge around the wyvern, but failure moves them with the wyvern however far is necessary for the realignment to take place. If this results in him getting knocked down, he must Dodge at -3 to avoid also being trampled for 2d-1 crushing damage as large area injury!
Evade Opponents of SM 0 or smaller can be automatically evaded by treating occupied hexes as costing one additional movement point to traverse.
Sand Through Fingers Opponents of SM 0 or smaller can evade a wyvern by any means and enjoy a bonus equal to the difference in SMs between the two.
Steamroller! Foes of SM 0 or smaller can be evaded automatically by treating occupied hexes as costing one additional movement point to traverse. Doing so also counts as a free slam attempt against each opponent in the way. The slam automatically hits and the only defensive options are Dive for Cover and Evasion. If an opponent is knocked down, he must Dodge at -3 to avoid also being trampled for 2d-1 crushing damage as large area injury!

Traits Extra Attack 1; Flight (Winged).
Features Born Biter 2.


ST 40
DX 12
HT 13
IQ 6
Per 14
Will 12

Traits Low Empathy; No Arms; Wild Animal.
Skills Brawling-14; Intimidation-10; Stealth-16; Sumo-Wrestling-13; Swimming-13.

A young wyvern fresh out of adolescence is only about 20 feet long, excluding tail, with a wingspan of about 40 feet. Can attack twice, using each natural weapon just once. Roll against Profession (Butcher) to remove interesting tidbits that might be worth money in town. Success salvages organs, horns, hide, etc. worth $1dx1,000, weighing 3 lbs. per $50 of value. Success at Hazardous Materials (Magical) allows a Surgery roll to extract the wyvern's ember - the source of its fiery breath. This is worth another $1dx1,000 but weighs only 0.5 lbs. per $50 of value.

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