Friday, November 30, 2018

Starfall Progress Report

Today, I can happily say that another zone is fully mapped out. One more, and this megadungeon should be ready to start receiving delvers. Of course, I won't really have time to run a game until this summer, but that just lets me get ahead a bit. Mind you, I still have to stock this zone, but I've got some ideas. (Cue the evil laughter.)

In other news, I have been plugging away at the gods of Alnwich and have made a good bit of progress on that front. They all have unique spell lists and ability lists for their Divine Favor. I still need to go through them all and provide information on making priests and holy warriors for each one, and a bit of fluffy background, but the lot of them are getting nearer to completion. After the gods are finished, the only thing I have left to do on the player-facing side is bang out a Mystic template and keep making abilities.

On the GM-facing side, I still need more encounter tables and monsters. You can never have too many monsters. I am finding that the work on the encounter tables is somewhat driving the monster development, as is the stocking process. I've not been particularly hesitant to create custom monsters for encounters, and I really hope that unknown aspect helps keep player son their toes.

I also need to get back to polishing up the planned guilds for Alnwich, too. I have a couple of secret ones already done. Sorry, I won't post those until players interact with them sufficiently to warrant them finding out their details, too. I was also toying with making monster guilds for down in the dungeon, but that might be (a) too much detail and (b) not the best use of time at the present. Monster guilds will have to wait to be a thing.

Lastly, and I suppose this falls under player-facing, too, I want to take a little time to make a few more vehicle options for the PCs. I don't know how they intend to travel, but if they go by land, they currently only have a few options. So I'm looking to make a few different size sleds and create some modifiers for carts to help with winter operations.

So with that, you know where I'm at. Hopefully you'll see the deities get ticked off the list and posted soonest, followed by guilds and vehicles. I really want to get the player-facing stuff done. That way it's all about the mapping and stocking. And then the playing. Oh I can't wait for the playing...

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