Sunday, November 18, 2018

Soul Shield

1 point / level
Power: Body Mastery.
Prerequisites: Body Awareness 1.
Activation Cost: 1 FP.

Activation Roll: Will/2 + 3.

You can summon a spiritual shield of pure will to protect you against attacks of any kind. This requires you to spend 1 FP and make a successful roll against Will/2 + 3, at +1 for Combat Reflexes and +1 per level of Body Awareness. Each additional use that turn costs another 1 FP and imposes a cumulative -4 penalty on the success roll.

The shield has ablative DR equal to your Soul Shield level; for every point of damage it absorbs, its total DR is reduced by 1 until it is gone. This DR regenerates fully after five minutes of nonuse. It is safe for GMs to assume that time between encounters is usually long enough for this to occur.

A Soul Shield cannot be perceived without magical or mystical means. To those fighting a mystic with this ability, blows seem to be glancing or just narrowly miss him.

Statistics: Damage Resistance (Ablative, -80%; Active Defense, -40%; Based on Will, +20%; Costs 1 FP, -10%; Force Field, +20%; No Signature, +20%; PM, -10%) [1/level].

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